Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 25th-CMW Day

I had a blast on The Rob and Trav Show- and I thank everyone who listened and called in. When the podcast is up, I will post it here and on twitter. Follow me on  twitter @ChrisMichaelW

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Christopher Michael Ward will be on The Rob and Trav Show June 25th 2013!!

Christopher Michael Ward will be on The Rob and Trav Show Tuesday June 25th 2013 to discuss his career in media and The cult of CMW 9pm EST 6PM PST

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Thoughts on Current Events for 6-11-13


My Thoughts on Current Events

This blog post will be about 3 Current Event news stories of the day, along with my option. If this gets good reading’s I will do it again.  


1            Apple’s New I phone 5:

Apple has a new I phone 5 out where they have a activation button called kill switch. Now I ask you  Am I the only one who is scared as hell about this button? I mean it sounds like something out of the movie zero dark thirty. Apple says it helps people not steal your phone, but do u think there is more to it? Like maybe it is a new way for the government to spy on us, or even worse kill us?  This is the only link I can find about the phone


2            The George Zimmerman Trial Jury Section :


George Zimmerman is on trial for the Murder of Trayvon Martin and today was the second day of jury selection.  The first day of Jury selection the jurors who were selected admitted to following the case in some way, so then the jury who were on a sidebar was questioned. They also admitted to following the case in some way, so now we have to find jurors who know nothing about the case. That is going to b hard and maybe impossible since all the media outlets cover the case. We have to wait and see what happens.  Here is a link about the story from HLN



3            Weed, and the price of Weed:

First of all let me remind people that the war on weed is still going on. People r going to jail for weed every day, and people who go to jail for weed are also making our house paint. I support cannabis, and I need cannabis for mental health reasons and body pain.  Cannabis is not legal in a lot of states, and I have found this link from Rolling Stone Magazine about how each state is issuing making cannabis legal. Read the link below, and tweet me your thoughts on twitter @ChrisMichaalW.


Thanks for reading!  Peace!