Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Thanksgiving VLOG Pt 1 and 2 on Youtube!!!

In this part 1 video, I tell you how to be super smart in the snow, what shows to record this Friday, and more.

In part 2, I discuss my favorite Thanksgiving foods, my favorite thanksgiving memory, and more.

My Favorite ID Shows!!!!!

Here's are my top 5 Shows on the Investigation Discovery Channel!!!!!

1,  Fatal Vows

2,    Deadly Affairs

3,     Homicide Hunter: Lt Joe Kenda

4,      A Crime To Remember

5,      On The Case with Paula Zahn

6,       Wives With Knives

7,        Deadly Sins

8,       Tabloid

9,       Deadly Women

10,     Deadline Crime with Tamron Hall

This List is NOT in order!!! 

Monday, November 24, 2014

My Thanksgiving VLOG Promo!!!!

I Taped This Last Friday, and the VLOG Show will be out tomorrow on YouTube

My Top Ten Favorite Shows!!!!!

Here's a list of my favorite shows!!!! PLEASE NOTE: ID Shows will be on a separate list Wednesday.

1,   Cristela on ABC.

2,    Homeland on Showtime.

3,     The McCarthy's on CBS.

4,     Getting  On  on HBO.

5,     The  Comeback on HBO.

6,     How to Get Away With Murder on ABC.

7,     Shameless  on Showtime.

8,      The Straight Out Report on Logo.

9,      Scandal  on ABC.

10,     The Big Bang Theory on CBS.