Sunday, May 17, 2015

Darren Kavinoky's Top 10 Takeaways from doing his ID Show Breaking Point!

Darren Kavinoky is an accomplished TV personality, attorney, interventionist, keynote speaker, and ' misbehavior expert' who has appeared on countless TV shows like Dr. Phil, The View, and Dr. Drew. Darren has  done radio shows as well. Darren has 3 shows on the Investigation Discovery Channel, Deadly Sins, Did He Do It? and Breaking Point, in fact the Top 10 Takeaways are stuff he has learned from being an addict and working with the subjects.

 Here is the link for the Takeaways!!

Friday, May 15, 2015

My Sabbath Video for May out Next Friday May 22nd!!

Next Friday May 22nd, I will do my Sabbath video for may, topic TBA.  I have done Sabbath Videos for months now, and I will do it for the rest of the year once a month. For all the videos I have, and to fund all the videos I will do in the future go to my YouTube page at

Friday, May 8, 2015

I will be getting a gift from Darren Kavinoky!!!

The Story goes that there was a contest for one of Darren Kavinoky's Shows called #DidHeDoIt? and the winner gets a Investigation Discovery Sweatshirt and autographed picture. All you had to do to win  was be an ID Addict, upload a video about why you love ID and Darren on YouTube and share on your Social Media pages.
 Well, everyone who did it won the swag, and I can't wait to wear it and smile. here's the link about the contest and the videos that were submitted. I am the last one:

Here's the link about  why he chose all to win

I have known Darren and my #IDAddicts Family for years, so I am no newbie.

My Podcast from Swoopsworld on Wedneday!!!

I was on The #SwoopsWorld Radio Show Wednesday discussing being an #IDAddict, chatting with #IDAddicts on Twitter, and my Media Life. It was a fun and delightful show!!!! Here's the podcast

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Monday, May 4, 2015


This month’s Book Review is for ALL FANS Of the FX Show Sons of Anarchy!!!!   The Show may be over, but with this book it will live on along with reruns on TV and DVDs. The Book is called ‘SONS OF ANARCHY THE OFFICAL COLLECTOR’S EDITION By Tara Bennett, it came out in 2014 and is out.


  The Book tells fans of the show everything they wanted to know about the show, from stories about making the show to how the actors prepared themselves to play the iconic Characters. There are over 200 pages that will give your SOA fix, and there’s stuff you will not find anything else.   This book has great pictures in every page, and I just loved them!!!


 My Favorite Parts are the back of the book where it tells you everyone who died during the 7 Seasons,  I also love the beginning and the end where SOA Creator Kurt Sutter tells his thoughts on making the show.  I can read those parts all day!!!  I am not morbid, I just like to look back at the list of people who died because it gives you names and I can never remember them all.


This Book is one of my Favorites, because I was a huge fan of the show, and miss it so much. I loved all the people who acted on the show, but I have always been a fan of Katey Segal since she was Peg Bundy on  the Fox Show Married With Children.  You can buy this book online and in bookstores now.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

My Media Bio for Press and Fans!!!

Edited on 5/15/15

About Christopher Michael Ward                                                                    


Christopher Michael Ward is a Writer, Media Company Owner, and self-proclaimed #IDAddict from Columbus Oho.   Christopher has been professionally part of the Media Business since graduating from The Ohio Center of Broadcasting Columbus Campus in 2008, where he spent months learning about the basic training courses in TV and Radio Broadcasting from local media professionals.      Chris also worked as in intern   with local Radio, TV, and internet   networks, where he was taught firsthand how a radio studio is ran, how to answer calls from Radio listeners, and how to edit TV programs.

   The Experience from OCB   gave Christopher the ability to start his own production company in 2010 with his life and media partner Marc Robinson, called Robinson Ward New Media LLC. In 2010, where an official website was shortly created.   Since 2010, Christopher has done YouTube videos, YouTube shows, and VLOGS on YouTube, and Vine Videos.


  Christopher was a caller on a few shows, but made his radio guest debut on Dylan Brody’s Neighbors Couch on January 22nd 2013, and was planning to go back on but the show was over for good later that year.  Christopher gained a fan base on The Rob & Trav Show, when he did weekly hot topics in 2013, but he left the show later that year. Most recently Chris worked on The Rob Saul Show, where he did hot topics before he left the show, but still a fan.  Chris left Vine.

 Chris has been live tweeting with the ID Channel for a few years now, with shows like Deadly Sins, Tabloid, and Did He Do It? And Breaking Point. He can be found on Twitter @ChrisMichaelW tweeting with the #IDAddicts  and his other followers, and on his website