Sunday, November 24, 2013

Breaking the Faith Review By Christopher Michael Ward- with FOOTNOTES

On the Boarder of Utah and Arizona, is the FLDS Church. six young woman are trapped in the FLDS Church sect, and want out. They r told by the church that if they leave the sect, then they will b eternally  Damned. They want out so they can live a better life in the outside world. Four men who r shunned help the woman get out. The show is their story.

The Beginning of the show discussed the latest info on  FLDS Church, and Warren Jeff's. Warren Jeff's is in the jail. we also learn that    the FLDS teaches it's members that u dress the way we tell u, and u can't eat corn, sugar, or flour. The FLDS says u can't have cameras in the house, or your marked a trader.  Everyone in the sect prey their god, and are brain washed.

      Martha is 18, and  has 4 mothers and 24 sibs.   She  said that the prophet who is warren Jeff's,   taught us that the term keep sweet means stay nice when your told what to do.

  Zack is the age of  18, and  Zack has 9 moms and 62 sibs. His uncle is Lyle Jeff's, who is the brother to warren Jeff's. Zack was shunned in the church after being caught jacking off. He then decided to leave.   Here is more info about Zack

 Connie is 19 has 2 mothers and 18 sibs. Connie was born and raised in Short Creek, UT aka The Crick. Connie loves kids, and sewing. Here is more info about Connie

Jake is 19 years old, has one mother and 11 sibs. Jake and his sister Valarie are part of the united order. Jake is always looking out for his family, and wants to show them what life is like in the outside world. Here is more info about  Jake

Angie is 21 years old, has 1 mother and 18 sibs. Angie is a self-proclaimed tomboy, who loves hunting fishing and four wheeling. When The prophet took some of her hobbies away, she knew she had to b apart of the outside world. Angie hopes to spend time with kids in the outside world. Here is more information about Angie

Linda is 22 years old, with 32 mothers and 306 sibs.  Linda is the stepdaughter to Wendell Nielsen, formally one of the most powerful men in the church. Her choice to leave was not easy, but she wanted to b with her friends Angie and Connie. More info on Linda here

Valerie is 21 years old, with 1 mother and 11 sibs. Val and her brother Jake does not have multiple mothers because their father did not set strict enough values. because of this fact, the father did not get anymore wives. For more info on Val

Matt is 20 years old, and he has 9 mothers and 62 sibs. His father is Lyle Jeff's the bishop of short creek. Matt was formerly a member of god squad, a polygamist cult.  Matt wants to join the military.  More info on Matt here

Ben is 20 years old, he has 2 mothers and 26 sibs. Ben got kicked of FLDS for fooling around with a girl, and has never looked back.  Ben wants to help other girls leave the sect, when they are ready.

for more info on the show go to this link

Breaking The Faith Promo!!

writing a review about the TLC Show Breaking The Faith Here tonight

My online friend Troy Williams has a show starting tonight on TLC called Breaking The Faith at 10pm. I volunteered to write a review about it, because I love what Troy is doing in Utah. I have seen the promos for the show, and I will share the promo here  in my next post. The Review will b written here, and u can follow Troy on Twitter @TroyWilliamsSLC

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Call-in on The Jake Pentland Show- 11-09-13

I called in to The Jake Pentland Show, to discuss a little about ENDA- I am the last call on the show. The Show's Topic was Transgender Law with Shadi Petosky

Roseanne Live Video from 11-10-13

Roseanne Live with Host's Roseanne Barr, and Kathleen Wells- Guests are Dr. Phillip Caper and Wendell Potter

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Senate votes to pass ENDA!!

I support ENDNA not  just as a gay male, but also as a supporter for LGBT People all over this world.

Here is a link about it from the huff post on 11-7-2013

Info about Roseanne Live This Sunday 11-10-2013

Topic: HealthCare in America with Guests Dr. Phillip Caper and Wendell Potter. Roseanne will b co-hosting the show with Kathleen wells, and the show starts at 11amPST 2pmEST 9amHI on

 Here is info about the show from

Info about Dr. Phillip Caper:

Info About Wendell Potter:

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Roseanne's Birthday Marathon on LOGO TV

Roseanne Barr turns 61 tomorrow, and LOGO is airing her all-time favorite episodes beginning at 12pmEST 11am central