Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My book review about A View From a Broad by Bette Midler!!!

My Book Review about a View from a Broad by Bette Midler!!!                            4/9/2014



 Singer and Actress Bette Midler first wrote her book a view from a broad in 1980. The book is about her first world tour in 1978, right after she filmed her movie The Rose.  The book got reissued this month, and I got one of the first copies. On the day the book came out I called the bookstore and asked them to put on hold so marc could pick it up, He picked it up later that day.   It only took me one day to read the 150 page book, that’s how good the book is. The reissued book has been updated since  the original;     it has a brand pink  new cover and a new introduction written by Bette herself.

 I won’t tell you what’s inside the book only that it has great photos stories and jokes.  This book is for anyone who loves comedy, music, and Bette Midler.  I love this book so much, that I can’t stop talking about it enough. Go buy this book ASAP.
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