Thursday, January 30, 2014

Signed up to be ID Addict of the Week!!

Please watch Investigation Discovery Daly at 8pm to see if I won. ID follows the winner on twitter

Sunday, January 26, 2014

I am an OFFICAL ID Addict!!!!!

What is an ID Addict?  ID Addict is someone who watches the Investigation Discovery Channel all the time.  I have been an ID Addict since 2011, and have since met other ID Addicts, and hosts of ID Shows.  U can search this blog to find out all of  my favorite ID Shows, but I like them all. My all- time favorite ID Show is Deadly Sins, and last night I live tweeted with the fans and host of the show Darren Kavinoky. I will be LIVE tweeting with fans of the show next Saturday February 1st 2014 as well.

      To find the  ID channel  In your area click on the following link

Have a good day!!!

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Wendy Williams Show Listings for other wendy fans

Happy Sabbath Readers!!!

Hey, Friday is here and I am ready. as u know if you follow me on Twitter, I love The Wendy Williams Show- Wendy is the Best talk show host on the air, but I love the other one's too. I also love Nancy Grace, and  I  will b calling in the next time she talks about weed because she only knows about people getting in trouble. Nancy never talks about the good side about weed, How it helps people with mental Illnesses and body pain. So I will keep u updated on when I call, and if I am allowed. Anyway, I am going to have kids at my house tonight for the weekend, the 3 grandkids I have the most.  I  am  so happy. I love them vary munch

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Have a good weekend!!!


Love, Chris

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

On Rob&Trav TONIGHT!!!

I will be on The Rob & Trav Show TONIGHT  7:30PST 10:30EST

Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Book Review for Laughs last by Dylan Brody!!!

Laughs last is a book about stand-up comedy, that will get you glued by page one. The main character named Damon is just the like most of us only funnier than most of us.  Dylan Brody is an original writer, who knows how to write and tell a good story. I hope to see more books by Dylan in the near future.  This book will make you laugh your ass off, and cry your ass off too.   I recommend all of you to buy this book ASAP!  You can find more info about this book on and

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New Year's Message from Chris!!!!

Dear Readers,

First of all Happy New Year!  it's hard to imagine that it's 2014 already. My New Year's Resolutions are to be  more nicer, more open minded, and more funnier. Last year I did a lot of bitching and blaming, but I have matured since then so this year you will see a  new me and new projects I am working on.  As u may know if you follow me on Twitter, I will b off of twitter until tomorrow, and I was glad to spend time with family as I took a break from it.  I also have been reading two books, one book is called Laughs Last by Dylan Brody, and the other book is  called The Sexy Part of The Bible by Kola Boof.

 I will be publishing  book review's on Laugh's Last this weekend,  the other book review for The Sexy Part of The Bible  will b out later this month so stay tuned.  I also have had kids in my house since last Saturday, the kids are the grandkids and they have been giving me live private home movies that r not on video. LOL!  The reason Marc and I are letting them stay so long is because they are on winter break, and they help us around the house. We love these kids so much!! I will be resting after they are gone, and going back to my script writing as well. It's hard for me to do script writing with everything else I am doing.

I have done a little resting with the kids here, but it will be nice to rest without them here too. I have not watched much of  the ID channel , only a few shows. I  will go back to my 12 hour marathon's after they go back home. LOL!

Happy New Year


Christopher Michael