Thursday, April 25, 2013

Roseanne On The Office TONIGHT!!!!

Roseanne plays Carla Fern tonight on The Office, Carla helps Andy with his acting dream. The Show airs on NBC. Check your local listing for showtimes. This will be Roseanne's 2nd office episode. SET YOUR DVR NOW!!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Views on Transgender People 4/13/13

My Views on Transgender People!!!!                             4/13/13    Edited on 4/30/13

I wanted to write about My Views on Transgender People, because I want everyone to know that I accept them as friends.  Please read the following, and give me any feedback you want.  I will not accept any hate mail towards transgender people, but I will accept questions or comments about them, or from them.  You send them to my twitter page @chrismichaelw, and i will answer them on there as well.  Enjoy Readers!!!

Transgender people get bullied and mistreated then most of and worse than anyone else in the GLBT Community. It is because of the gender issue,and the fact that people who not open minded are bullies to  transgender people  because they do not understand that people want to  change their sex .  I  recently met Toni Newman on twitter, toni  is a transgender staff writer for huff post. She wrote this nice article on being transgender in the world today. Look it up!!  I believe people have a right to b whoever they want to be. I also believe that if they want a sex change operation they have that right to get it done, without being killed, bullied, or beat up.

 Anyone who beats up or kills transgender people need to go to jail for their crimes. We need to learn to get along with people who do not look, dress, or think the way we do America, so let’s start now!  The world is tough enough without us acting like a bunch of fools,  stop and think before you act and talk.  I know not everyone can do this, as trolls and hateful robots do not have a brain or soul, but I am talking to them anyway hoping they can get the message.  I will not stop speaking up about the transgender people of the world, and I will stand by them, and help them anyway i can.  Be a good american brother and sister, and support these people.  Do not be a jerk, be smart thinker!!




From your friend Christopher Michael Ward