Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Being in media, and what I have learned about it. UPDATED on 6-11-14

Being in media, and what I have learned about it.      UPDATED on 6-11-14

 I always wanted to get into The Media game as I grew up in the 1990’s, watching a lot of TV, and imagining myself on the big and small screen.  I wanted Oprah to interview me about my family, and discuss my dreams of being famous in media.  In my dreams, I would say:  “Oprah, I love your show, and am grateful to be a guest here in the famous harpo studios.” She would say:  “thanks Chris, I am glad to have as a guest.”  I also wanted on Live with Regis and Kathie Lee, Sally, Jenny Jones, and Ricki Lake.    The only times I was ever on TV as a little kid  was when I went to a St Patrick’s Day Parade  dressed all in green, and the local TV networks filmed me, I have seen pictures of myself but I don’t remember that time of my life.


  As a kid I also wanted to be a writer and I would write little movies and plays, family members would be my freelance actors. The stories I would create would just be silly stuff that came out of warped mind. Family members would play actors who they looked like, and I would write a fake script for them to read.   God It was fun!  People would tell my family: “that boy is going to b famous doing something he loves, comedy.”  Or my grandma would say:  “that boy is going to get rich, and I am going to move in with him”.


    When I was a preteen I made my TV debut with my cousin Brittany   we did a TV bowling Commercial for a local TV station, which was an ABC affricate in Columbus, Ohio. We taped it one night at a bowling alley called fiesta lanes, as my mother and grandmother were bowling with their all female bowling leagues.       It was so much fun to learn behind the scenes secrets.  Some of the information I was told was: “stand still, look at the cameras, and say your line with a smile”. They also said “don’t change anything you say”.     The 30 sec or so TV commercial aired the next week early in the morning, and my mom woke me up so I could watch myself. I hated how I looked; I was skinny and boney and stayed that way for years after.  Ugh!


 I had a video tape of it before my house fire in 1999.   I hope   people saw it, it only aired once.  I wish I could remember the date so I could add it to YouTube. Maybe one day the date will come to me in a dream, like everything else does sometimes.  After that show I was never invited back on the TV again like I hoped I would in my mind. NO such luck!

      in 2008 my dreams came true and I did not even have to relocate to New York or California.  I was watching TV one night in my bedroom, and I saw  a TV Commercial  that there was going to be a new school opening up in Columbus called The Ohio Center for Broadcasting, for people who wanted to be broadcasters. The Ohio Center for Broadcasting had locations in only 3 states around the world, but this would b the first broadcasting campus in Columbus. I told my mother about the school and the next day I scheduled an appointment.    I   was told by the school    that classes were set to start on March 17t.  That night I thought to myself, “I am not going to pass up doing something that’s going to make rich and famous”.


  I got enrolled at the school after the meeting.   The very first person I met was this woman who claimed she discovered Jerry Springer, and she is also the woman who interviewed me for enrollment.   My classes were weekday mornings; we met 3 days a week, the classes were 4 hours long. We had breaks between classes and there was a break room, with a vending machine and a soda machine. I was let out of class at lunch time, so my mother would pick me up for lunch. My first instructor was a former local DJ named Jack, he taught all of us students so much about his own broadcasting life lessons.  I was shy and kept to myself a lot, but      I met a lot of people as well. Looking back I should have spoken up more, and should got more passionate about being a future broadcaster. I also should have not have used the printer for things that were not school related. I interned at 3 media networks 2 radio channels and 1 TV.  That was a learning experience in itself. Only 2 of those companies r still up and running like they did when I interned for them.  I graduated on January 2009. I did not graduate with my classmates because I did not have enough intern hours, so I graduated one month later.


Since graduating in 2009 I have been a caller guest on a few internet shows,  and I enjoyed doing all of those shows when I did them. One of the shows is no longer on the air, but the rest are.  When I first did a show called The Rob and Trav Show which is a Howard Stern like show. They first asked me to come on after me and marc did our YouTube show, and I used to get mad at their questions and I attacked them. This is something I regret.   The men always asked me about my sex life with Marc, and the producer Rob always made fun of my teeth and even did a parody acct on them on twitter for about a year.


 I am still friends with these men, and I now let them say whatever they want. I mostly ignore them if I think they go too far, But I have learned to just slam them back. It’s all fun and games I think.  In 2010 My Life and business partner Marc Robinson and I created our company Robinson Ward New Media, and we did a short lived YouTube show that was geared as a news and cooking show. You can still watch old shows on YouTube.  The studio was a duplex that marc and I used to live in.


  We stopped doing it for 3 years, because one of marc’s granddaughters   flooded our kitchen by overflowing the toilet.  Then after marc and I moved to our new home, we posted my grandma making homemade lasagna. U can watch those shows on Marc’s YouTube channel.   I took a break from radio shows, and just focused on writings for awhile. After that I was a caller on a few radio shows. Now I have my own show on YouTube, which is a talk show where I discuss hot topics and more.



 In July I am taking my show on the road in New York City.      What I have learned about media? You may be asking I have learned that nothing ever stays the same; it can change at any time. I have learned that being an asshole gets you blacklisted. I have learned to just ignore haters, because they want you to block them so they can accuse you of being a diva.   I have had a very lucky life in media, and I have done things I have always dreamed. I work hard to live a good life.    

Talk soon.


Love to All

Christopher Michael Ward