Sunday, August 30, 2015

Tomorrow's Dr Phil Show Info!

ALL NEW! Dr Phil Interviews actress Susan Sarandon and Sister Helen Prejean as they share their fight to save Richard Glossip, Richard is on a death row for a crime he did not commit. For more info on the show, Richard Glossip and how to fight for him please click on the following link.

I am part of the DP Twitter Team, and I participated during the show so u may see my opinions on the show.


Check back in a few weeks for info on book reviews in October.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Book Review: 63 Things The Goverment Does Not Want You to Know!!

This is my Introduction    for the book review of the month!!

I hope you find this book so interesting that you go buy it ASAP. The Book is called 63 Things The Government Does Not Want You to Know By Jessie Ventura with Dick Russell, and it will open your mind to things you may not know about. All the documents can be found on the internet, according to Jessie.  Now please read the following for the review!

I have  been a fan of Jessie's for a long time, and I love this book so much. You will find documents about stuff when George W Bush was president, like 9/11. You will find documents about CIA Mind Control, and More. The Book is in 5 different parts, from Postwar History Scandals to  Government, Military, and Corporate Secrets. From Shady White House Deals, and 9/11. There's much more in the book to keep you reading, and you find this book online or in bookstores.

Thanks for Reading, and have a safe weekend!!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

My Favorite Doc: Sushi The Global Catch!!

My Favorite Doc: Sushi A Global Catch!!!                                         8/22/15


Whatever your views on Sushi, you may like this 2011 doc. This doc explores how Japanese Chef’s bought and prepares Sushi, and how it went from an expensive to a cheaper and common food. The hardest part is watching how they cut up the newly dead fish with their eyes open. I was unable to watch the whole one hour and thirty minute doc because of this, but when I update this review I will have more new info. I don’t eat Sushi, I only eat cooked fish.


 There are Japanese Sub-titles so you want to pay attention to the screen, unless you speak the language. This is a great doc about Sushi!!  You can find this documentary on Pivot TV, online or on DVD!!  

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Help Free Richard Glossip!!!

Actress Susan Sarandon, and Sister Helen Prejean are fighting to help free Richard Glossip. Richard was convicted of a murder he did not commit, and Justin Sneed has admitted to the murder he committed.  For ALL info on this case, click on the following link

My Interview on Jezebel Website!!

I was asked to be interviewed by Julianne, and the article came out on Tuesday.  As you know I do like to watch the ID channel, so when I was asked to participate I was thrilled. I hope all of you enjoy the article, I am featured towards the middle.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

UPDATED Media Bio!!



Updated on 8/11/2015


Christopher Michael Ward is a Writer, and New Media Company Owner. Christopher has been professionally part of the Media Business since graduating from The Ohio Center of Broadcasting Columbus Campus in 2008, where he spent months learning about the basic training courses in TV and Radio Broadcasting from local media professionals.      Chris also worked as in intern   with local Radio, TV, and internet   networks, where he was taught firsthand how a radio studio is ran, how to answer calls from Radio listeners, and how to edit TV programs.


  The Experience from OCB   gave Christopher the ability to start his own production company in 2010 with his life and media partner Marc Robinson, called Robinson Ward New Media LLC. In 2010.     Christopher has gained a fan base doing YouTube videos, YouTube shows, VLOGS , and Vine Videos.  


   Christopher was a caller on a few shows, but made his radio guest debut on Dylan Brody’s Neighbors Couch on January 22nd 2013. He planned  on  going  back on,  but the show ended. Christopher expanded a fan base on The Rob & Trav Show, when he did weekly hot topics in 2013, but he left the show later that year. After that Chris did work on The Rob Saul Show, where he did hot topics, and guest hosted his last episode before leaving the show. Chris is no longer a fan of the show!!


Chris did Sabbath videos on YouTube once a month, but canceled all future episodes on July 22n Christopher can be found on Vine.   Chris has been live tweeting with the ID Channel for a few years now, during shows like Deadly Sins, Tabloid, and  Cry Wolfe  Chris is doing a top secret project for a TV Show, but cannot yet discuss details.  . He can be found on Twitter @ChrisMichaelW ,  and on his website


Thursday, August 6, 2015

I will be UPDATING my blogpost about Being Gay and Jewish!!

Be sure to check back on this blog on Thursday September 3rd 2015. I first wrote the Blog post last January, and got busy to update it so I picked September to do it.

Monday, August 3, 2015

About People lying and misforming people about me!!

UPDATED on 8/7/15
I did not want to  do this, but lately people have been lying  about me on Twitter. Those people are no longer in contact with me!!  Please Read the following:

I don't like it when people lie or misinform people about me anywhere. One of the things they discuss is me being Jewish, so let me explain the truth if you care for facts. I am not Jewish because of a book, people, or anything that is false. I am Jewish because I always knew I was. How? I just always knew I was not  Catholic like most of my family. No, I am not converted, but it's how you live your life and how you feel in your heart that matters.

 Deal?  I have shared information about being  Jewish on here last year, and here is a link about that   [I know it needs updated, it will be next month.]  Anyway, People love to lie and misinform when the truth is too hard to handle. I don't lie, so you should believe me over any 3rd party liars over me. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Dr PhIl did a show on Young People Cyberbullying last week

and here is the link from it.
 Please feel free to Share with ALL young people!! I have been a victim of cyber bullying, and I have been the bully. We need to END ALL CYBER BULLYING!!