Saturday, February 22, 2014

My favorite shows of the week 2-16-14 - 2-23-14

My Favorite Shows of the Week for 2-16-14-2-23-14



Gigolos- Gigolos is about 4 men in Las Vegas, where woman pay the guys to show them a good time. I enjoy the show, and think you will too if u have not seen the show. The show airs on Showtime on Thursday nights. People tell me that their favorite Gigolo to watch is VIN, out of all the rest.  Tweet me who your favorite is on twitter.


   Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohan- Andy is one of my favorite hosts. He is funny, and smart. The best part about this show is that you can drink a cocktail right on air. He also ask his guests questions the viewers want answers to. You can watch WWHL Sunday-Thursday nights on Bravo TV.


   The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon- I have watched the tonight show since 1991, when I was about four years old. I loved the way Johnny Carson hosted the show, and when he ended his run I cried. Then Jay Leno came aboard, and he rocked it. Conan did all right. Jimmy Fallon is funny, and smart, and I really enjoyed his first show.  Jimmy will hopefully host the show for a long time.


These are my favorite shows of the week.  Talk next week

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Favorite Shows of This Week!!!


My Favorite Shows of This Week!!!!


People know I love watching the Investigation Discovery Channel, and the TCM Channel, but there are lots of other shows I watch as well. Here are my favorites of the week


1         The Fosters - the Fosters is a show about this lesbian couple who have foster kids. I just started watching this show, but I already love it. Everyone in the cast is great, and I have loved the creator Peter Paige since he played Emmitt on Queer as Folk.  The Fosters airs Monday Nights on ABC Family.


2         Nancy Grace- I have watching Nancy Grace for years, and she is one of the best TV hosts on HLN. I don’t agree with her all the time, but she is still great. Nancy Grace airs weeknights at 8pm on HLN.


3             HLN News Now with Vinnie Politian- Vinnie covers the top trials of the day like no one else, and I love how he ends his two hour show saying don’t forget to hug your kids. U can catch HLN News Now with Vinnie weekdays 1-3pmEST on HLN.


4            Shameless- Shameless is one of the best shows on TV because it’s about most families today. Emmy Rossum is a great actress. Bill Macy is a awesome as the father and grandfather Frank.  Everyone on that show are great actors. Shameless airs Sunday Nights on Showtime.    


5            The Wendy Williams Show- Wendy is one of my favorite talk show hosts of all time. I love her catch phase how you doin? And even though I don’t know her in real life, and I know her in my head. Check your local listings for show times.


                                More next week




Sunday, February 9, 2014

Live Tweeting with ID Addicts Schedule!!!

Live tweeting with ID Addicts Schedule!!!



Thursday February 13th 2014

Live tweeting with Tabloid Executive Producer Michelle Katz and Joe Giacalone during the show Tabloid. 10pm.


Saturday February 15th  

Live Tweeting with Darren Kavinoky who is the host of Deadly Sins, during the show at 9pm.


Thursday February 20th

Live tweeting with Michelle Katz and   Joe Giacalone, who is this episode during Tabloid. 10pm


More Dates TBA


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Full True Story about being an ID Addict, and how i became one!!

The Full True Story about being an ID Addict, and how I became one!!


I am writing this for all the ID Addicts in the world.


In 2011, my grandma started watching The Investigation Discovery Channel; I had never heard about it before, but was hooked after the first show.  The first show I watched was called till death do us part hosted by John Waters.  I watched the channel as much as I could after I saw that John Waters Show.  I did not know anyone else watched the channel besides for grandma.  On November 2011 I created an account on but never wrote a post, I just posted an avatar and left it alone. It was not until I created a new account this year that I remembered I had created that crated that account.  So now I have two accounts but I only write on the new one.    I stopped talking about ID for a while after that, but I talked about it on twitter and my blog before my vacation from watching.


 I have been talking about being an ID addict a lot since then, and lots of famous people have talked about too.  As you know if you read my tweets and blog, I love ALL the shows on Investigation Discovery but my all- time favorite is Deadly Sins hosted by my friend Darren Kavinoky.  I met Darren on twitter but I loved his show before we met, Darren is a good person.  Anyway, people who don’t know the full story have accused me of mocking Roseanne Barr because she said she was also an ID Addict. I hope now that I have taken the time to tell the whole true story; we can now put this opinion to rest and stick to facts.  I want to thank all the ID Addicts who follow all the twitter, and encourage anyone who don’t follow me to do so if they choose.  Also thanks to the people at the ID Channel for accepting me into their online family at and on twitter.


Love to you all




Christopher Michael Ward, an ID Addict

Monday, February 3, 2014

My 3 all-time favorite Superbowl Commercals of 2014

My 3 All- Time favorite Super bowl Commercials of 2014!!



Last night I enjoyed a lot of the super bowl ads last night, I liked the Doritos and Chobani.  But  I am only going to give 3 of my all time favorites  here, so here goes:


1.         Bud light: The commercial was a 3 parting commercial with an all star lineup that included Reggie Watts, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Don Cheadle, Minka Kelly, and a llama named Lilly.  This commercial made me want to get a beer, and party along with them.  Regardless if you like beer or not, can we agree it was   fun to watch? If you have not seen the commercial, look it up on YouTube.    You can   answer my questions on my Twitter page.


        2.       Ellen DeGeneres for Beats Music App:   Ellen has always been a good dancer on her talk show, and she has always loved music. This Commercial made me want to dance with her and the bears, in the fairy tale inspired ad.  If you have not seen the commercial, I suggest you look it up on YouTube.  Has anyone ever used the Beats Music App? Does it make a difference in sound? Answer me on Twitter.


3.             And my last favorite commercial is the Johnny Galecki Hyundai Commercial:  I have been a fan of Johnny’s since he played David on The Roseanne Show, and he really won me over with this ad.  In the commercial Johnny is hitting on a girl who is driving in a different car ,at a red light. What are your thoughts on the commercial?  Tweet me!        



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Forget You Week starts This Friday at 8pm Only on Investigation Discovery!!

I can't wait