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Growing Up The only Jewish Person in an ALL Catholic Family!! UPDATED!!!

As some of you may know, this blog was planned to be a book, and this was to be chapter one . I updated this last night. Enjoy!!

 Chapter One                                                            Updated on 1-30-13


Growing Up   The only Jewish Person in an All Catholic Family!!


 My mother and father met and fell in love, my mom was sixteen, and my dad was seventeen.     My dad worked part- time as a paper boy before going to school every day, and mom worked at a pizza house, making pizzas. They were first loves.    When my mom was pregnant,   my grandma did not know, until a family member told her.  [I come from a long line of big mouths.]   After she found out she was upset, and she confronted my mother asking mom to see her belly.  My mom tried to stop her until my grandma pushed on to her bed, and lifted her shirt.  Mom was in her 6th month too.  My grandma did not want my mom knocked up at the age of sixteen, but there was no way in hell she was going to let mom give me away or have a abortion either. So after a while my grandma dealt with it ok.


  The night my mom’s water broke she and her best friend Judy was walking home.  When they got there, they told my grandma and she said you need to get some rest now, you have a long way to go before you’re ready to give birth.  My mom did, but never slept, she and Judy just talked.    A few hours later my mother told my grandmother, I want to go to the hospital.  Once they got there and got settled in to their hospital room, my mom made my grandma rub her back and belly over and over, because she was in so much pain.   After doing this for a long time, my grandma got tired of rubbing my mother’s back, and said Becky; I am going to get a cup of coffee now.  It was while my grandma got her coffee in the hospital cafeteria, that I was ready to come into the world, and make myself noticed.    Since my grandma was not around, my aunt was the one who helped my mom push me out.  My grandma missed the whole thing over that damn cup of coffee.


 So I was born in Columbus Oho on July 7th 1988, at 7:10am.  I was born prematurely and was so tiny that people only held me with only one hand.   I could not hold down formula, baby food, and my mother was unable to breast feed.  The doctors told my family they were going to gave me 30 days to either gain weight, or die.   After staying in the hospital for a few weeks and still not gaining weight, my grandma took me home and fed me human food mashed up in a blender.    I held it down pretty good, so I stated eating the food every day, and put on so much weight that family members called me butter ball. They also told me I could be a football player if I kept the weight on, and made me do all of the hand signals that the referees do at the games.

A week after I put the weight on  I went to a doctor’s check up, the entire hospital staff almost shit their pants when they saw that the tiny sick boy, was now a chubby healthy kid.   I remember everyone clapped, as I walked down the hall, and into the doctor’s office. It was so cool!!  The one thing I wish I could remember is what my doctor’s name was, but fuck it!     If it was not for my grandma’s cooking, I would not be here today telling this heartfelt, story to all of u wonderful readers.


      My only best friends were my older cousin Brittney, and God.   Brittney and I grew up like brother and sister, and we are one year apart, she being the oldest.  We would play hide and seek in the park and other stuff we enjoyed doing.   Brittany always had more friends than me, but I think her friends liked me too.  That or they were just good actors!  Who knows or cares anymore? They liked her the most.

  Britney always bossed me around, and I hated it. But later after we became pre teens, we both bullied our younger cousins, so I guess it runs in our family.  LOL!     After years of having a bond with Brittany, we drifted apart, when she started dating her boyfriend at the time. I always thought her boyfriend looked, and acted like a thug, of course I was right on paper.   I won’t publish his name!  They are no longer together, but have 3 kids who I love very much!  I hope they grow up and get a job where they can express themselves just like me.   Britney and I still do not have a bond, for reasons I am not ready to discuss in public yet, but we do get along.  I hope one day she and I will become close again, but I do not think it will be soon.

I have always talked to god.  I am not sure when it started; I just know that god has always talked to me in my mind, and has answered whatever question I have.   Family members never understood this, and thought I was crazy when they saw me talking to myself alone in a room, or wherever I was.   They would ask me who in the hell are u talking to?  You look nuts, doing that.  My answers always were I was just talking to myself, because I knew they would not understand my connection with god, and they don’t.  God has helped me with a lot, and we are still close.  Now the thing that most people do not understand that god is a women.  Why do I think god is a woman? Well because when I talk to god, my inner female gets stronger, and I see things from female's point of view.   Everyone has a right to have an opinion, but this is mine.



  Although I was baptized catholic by my family as a baby, as a kid I always felt like a black sheep!!  , And I did not think what they taught was right, and I was never going to call myself that word.  There is a lot of shit I do not agree with them on, that is the   same with the Jewish faith too.   I have known I have always been Jewish, I just do not know how I knew.  I do however think god knew I was Jewish, how else do you explain my big nose? LOL! I am just kidding prudes!   I never liked how the Catholic Church would say gay people were living in sin and will burn in hell, like they did when I grew up.  I would think shut the fuck up!  A lot of them still l say it today, but now I think it is because the catholic priest are having sex with altar boys, and hiding behind god.


     I have lesbians in my family, and those comments by the church pissed me off, so bad that it made me not want to be around them.  I am by no means saying all Catholic priests are bad people or that the Catholic Church is bad either. What  I am  saying is I grew up thinking that the priests I was around, was going to make me have butt sex with them.  I was wrong, I admit that now.  I am also Irish and Italian, and my grandma on my mom’s side makes some yummy Italian food.   I just remember   having fun talking with God and hanging with Brittany.


I am and have always been Looney, and crazy.  When I was about 5 years old I got stuck in a toilet, and someone had to cut the pot in half so I could get off of it. What kind of crazy shit is that?   I also drank rubbing alcohol that I found in my grandparents medicine cabinet once, I had to get my stomach pumped. Also Brittany and I used to fight all the time when we were growing up, but that is normal in a dysfunctional family like mine.   Now maybe you see why I say my family is funny, and needs to be on TV.  I will talk more about them on another day, but now let’s move on.




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The introduction to this blog UPDATED!!!

I updated the inroduction to this blog,so please check it out.

Introduction to Blog!!!                            Updated on 1/29/13


This blog is called I am a thinker because I am a true thinker, always have been and always will be.  You don’t see  many thinkers in the public eye anymore, most people are not true thinkers, they just make money as  lying cheating shitty dogs who tell you what they are programmed to tell you, by the assholes  up top.   Being a thinker means you do not fall for the bullshit TV Networks and Radio ads tell you, you see what they are really saying, and you speak out about it 24/7.   Being a thinker means you fight for what is right [Common Sense.]  You never stop fighting until the wall of BS is brought down, and you do your part.   Being a thinker brings a lot of stress, but as long as you’re doing the right thing, and helping the people then it is worth the stress.


  This blog was originally a book that took over 3 years to write, first in notebooks then on Microsoft word.  I was unable to find a publisher, so someone told me that I should blog stuff that was for the book.  This also took lots of meditating to get everything straight, sometimes you do not want to look back but you have to.    Writing the book was like life flashing before my eyes.  It was not easy to write a book, but it sure the hell was fun.  Fun to look back on the fun times you have had, and there was a lot, let me tell you.  But with the good you must take bad, so I also remember all the shit people put me though, and vise versa.  This book was inspired by the book Roseannearchy, dispatches from the nut farm by Roseanne Barr; it was after reading that book that I realized I too had to write my own   story to tell the world.   


 I just hope people will love this blog, because I am honest about everything I have done or said, and honest about the mistakes I have made.   I do not lie to make myself look good like Mitt Romney and some other lying idiots.  I know people will love this blog, because I am a part of most of them, I am part of the working class.  This is my story as a working class person, I was not born with money, or a silver spoon in my mouth.  You cannot eat money!  I do speak my mind, and I also pay the price for doing it, but it is worth it. It is worth having my soul and telling the truth.  I will not stop doing it, and no one can make me!


I have always been a writer. When I was a young kid I wrote plays and TV shows, that I would act out for my family. Sometimes I would also write parts for them to play too;  I had tons of notepads, notebooks, tablets, you name it.  I have a shit load of rants from my childhood in a box somewhere, and if I ever find them I will share them right here on my blog.  I enjoy writing so much, it is calming, and helps me remember things, because my memory is gone sometimes.   I hope you find this blog as fun as my life is.   Get a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and enjoy.




Christopher Michael Ward




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This website covers a lot of info on the steubenville rape case, and i love that it covers things that people may or may not know. Check it out here

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The podcast for the Roseanne Barr Radio Show

Topic was Rape:

On Being Paranoid!!!!!!!

I am always paranoid due to all of the damn wars going on. I worry about the kids who  are growing in these crazy ass times. They do not know what the hell is going on in the real world, as they play video games, and Will. I hope by the time they are adults all of this bullshit with war, drugs, and porn will end.  I hope little kids have it better than their parents and grandparents.

I always say it is good to be paranoid that means you’re awake and alert; you’re not sleeping under rainbows, and false hope.  Paranoia pisses people off, and when they are pissed off they get off their ass and do something about it. We must always be awake no matter how scary life can be, we still have to do our part in life. Listen to god, she has all the answers.  Be safe and well folks!