Thursday, December 18, 2014

I am Offfically Retired From Hosting VLOGS........

I put out my last VLOG this Tuesday, and in the videos I explained why I stopped doing them and what I want to do in 2015.  Check out the videos in the following:

Part one:

Part two:

My Book Review for Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham!!!

My Book Review for Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham!!!!!!                             12/18/14



 I am writing this review because people have asked me too. I am just going to give the facts first, and then my opinions. I hope you like it! If you have any questions about the book, it’s online and in bookstores. If you any questions about this review, please contact me on Twitter @ChrisMichaelW. I Hope you enjoy this review! Sit back with a snack or a cup of coffee and enjoy.


 I want to tell you about parts of the book that made headlines after the release.   In one headline, critics have accused Lena of sexually assaulting her sister.  In the book Lena wrote opening up her one year old sister’s vagina when she was seven, asking her mom see that her sister put pebbles in there.  Another section of the book that made headlines is when Lena said a guy named Barry raped her, a claim that Barry denies, and is suing Lena about it. After reading about both of these events in the book, I will now give you my opinions. I don’t see Lena Dunham as a pedophile for opening her sisters vagina, if she had not done that then asked her mom to come over to see it her sister may have been in pain later from the pebbles.  


As for the Barry Rape Claim, I see it being true but I was not there.  Lena discusses everything about her life in five sections, from love to sex to work and more. More stuff like virginity, dieting, bed sharing, girls & jerks, sex scenes, things she has learned from her parents, etc…  In fact, all of those things I have listed are chapters in the book. This book is funny, witty, and exactly what it claims to be. I am not making excuses for Lena in nothing I am saying with my views, if I honestly thought Lena was a pedophile I would say it. I am not shy when I can express my views, as long as there’s prove.  If you’re a Lena Dunham Fan, this book is for you. Not That Kind of Girl is published by Random House. Year of Published:  2014

Friday, December 12, 2014

Here's My VLOG From December 9th!!!

Part One: In This Video, I discuss The Season Finale of True Tori, and The Series Finale of SOA [ Sons Of Anarchy.]

Part Two:   In this Video, I Discuss The Season Premiere of Mike & Molly and More.

My Next Book Review will be out on Thursday December 18th!!!! Book: Not That Kind Of Girl by Lena Dunham

I will have a Book Review Next Thursday, and I can't wait to do it. The Book is called Not That Kind Of Girl by Lena Dunham. The book came out in 2014.  Look for it on this site!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

New VLOG 12/9/14

Hey Everyone,

I will have a BRAND NEW VLOG Next Tuesday, where I will share how my thanksgiving went and more stuff.  You can find me everyday on Twitter @ChrisMichaelW. The Promo will be out this Friday. You can find all the VLOGS I have done so far on YouTube, just go the following link

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Thanksgiving VLOG Pt 1 and 2 on Youtube!!!

In this part 1 video, I tell you how to be super smart in the snow, what shows to record this Friday, and more.

In part 2, I discuss my favorite Thanksgiving foods, my favorite thanksgiving memory, and more.

My Favorite ID Shows!!!!!

Here's are my top 5 Shows on the Investigation Discovery Channel!!!!!

1,  Fatal Vows

2,    Deadly Affairs

3,     Homicide Hunter: Lt Joe Kenda

4,      A Crime To Remember

5,      On The Case with Paula Zahn

6,       Wives With Knives

7,        Deadly Sins

8,       Tabloid

9,       Deadly Women

10,     Deadline Crime with Tamron Hall

This List is NOT in order!!! 

Monday, November 24, 2014

My Thanksgiving VLOG Promo!!!!

I Taped This Last Friday, and the VLOG Show will be out tomorrow on YouTube

My Top Ten Favorite Shows!!!!!

Here's a list of my favorite shows!!!! PLEASE NOTE: ID Shows will be on a separate list Wednesday.

1,   Cristela on ABC.

2,    Homeland on Showtime.

3,     The McCarthy's on CBS.

4,     Getting  On  on HBO.

5,     The  Comeback on HBO.

6,     How to Get Away With Murder on ABC.

7,     Shameless  on Showtime.

8,      The Straight Out Report on Logo.

9,      Scandal  on ABC.

10,     The Big Bang Theory on CBS.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Why i love The FX Show Sons of Anarchy, and My Thoughts on The Final Season!!

Why I love The FX Show Sons of Anarchy, and My thoughts on the final season!!!



The following was written last Tuesday 9/9/13 before The Season Premiere of Son of Anarchy. To find out how I felt about The Season Premiere follow me on twitter @ChrisMichaelW  A New Episode of SOA airs tomorrow night at 10pm


I have watched Sons of Anarchy since the beginning, and I love it because it’s about a family that is like most families. They are like most families that stick by each other no matter what, and does not let people get between them, and when someone does get between them, they take action that let the people know they are pissed off.   I don’t personally know any biker gang families, but I am guessing they are like the ones on this show. They may not be blood related but they love each other and have each other’s backs.  I love the whole cast on this show, they are all so talented. I think Charlie Hunnam is so great as Jax Teller, he always gets better and better each season. I have always been a Katey Segal since she was Peg Bundy on Married with Children. [And I am glad she got her star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame today.]


  Katey Segal plays the best Kick –Ass grandma on TV today.  Everyone on the cast is awesome, but Kurt Sutter is the genius who created these people, and he also writes the show. Kurt is a god on this show, without him there would be no show.  Now I will give my thoughts on the final season, so here goes:

I am kind of sad that after 7 seasons Sons is ending, but all things come to an end. I am interesting to know how this season unfolds, so I cannot wait to watch the Season Premiere Tonight at 10pm on FX Network. Do you think Jax will ever find out that Gemma killed Tara?  Do think anyone else will die this season? We will find out together.  Sons of Anarchy is one of my favorite shows on TV, There is no other show like it. I hear it is watched all over prisons too.  


Have a good time watching tonight, and I will talk to you soon






Monday, August 4, 2014

My Book Review For Hold Me in Contempt!!!

My Book Review for Hold Me in Contempt by Wendy Williams!!!                              8/4/14


Authors Note:  I want to apologize for the delays of putting this out. I have been busy with projects in my public and personal life, and I want you all to know I promise not to keep u hanging for my work ever again.  When I am given deadlines for my work, that means get it done by the first deadline not the 2nd. Enjoy this book review, and there will be another one this falls. Thank you  For Reading!!


I have loved watching Talk Show Host Wendy Williams for years, and when I heard she wrote this book I knew I had to read it. This Book is Wendy’s first romance novel, and also the first book I have read from her.  This Book is about a female lawyer named Kimberly Kind who falls in love with a bad guy named King, king is a handsome devil who sweeps Kim off her feet and makes her thing he is Mr. Right. Kim is surprised to learn he is not perfect after all, with a dark secret that turns Kim’s world and job upside down. This Book reminded me of every movie on the lifetime channel. I love this book so much!


I hear that Wendy will be putting out a sequel to this book, and yes I will be doing work on that too. I will also do a movie review on it if it becomes a movie.  That is how much I love this book. You can buy this book online or in a bookstore near you. If you love Romance Novels or just love Wendy as much I do, this book is for you.  Now I need to catch up on other books by Wendy Williams.


With Love


Christopher Michael Ward      

Friday, July 25, 2014

My Book Review for The Sexy Part of The Bible

 Book Review for the Sexy Part of the Bible by Kola Boof          7/25/14


 I first learned About Kola Boof last year, and I liked things she was saying:  I ordered The Sexy Part Of The Bible last year, and it was not like any other book I had ever read before:  When I first started reading the book, it was hard for me to grasp what was going. But when I read it again and fully understood it I was glued to every page.  The main character is named Eternity, and you find out things about her like she’s a clone to her father, and she falls in love with men who find her to be different then the woman in her country of  Africa.   You also find out how she was raised, and her life as a model that stays with you even when you’re not reading the book.  The story is provocative, erotic, and blows your mind. I don’t want to give too much away, because each part of the book gives you another side of her story that blows your mind and leaves your mouth hanging wide open.  I loved the ending the best though.


I love Kola boof”s writing, she is a great story teller.  I will be reading more of her books in the near future. I only know Kola on twitter, but I can tell she is smart by reading her works of art. Go buy The Sexy Part of the Bible; you will be glad you did.  You can buy the book on   You can Follow Kola Boof on twitter @KolaBoof



Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Being in media, and what I have learned about it. UPDATED on 6-11-14

Being in media, and what I have learned about it.      UPDATED on 6-11-14

 I always wanted to get into The Media game as I grew up in the 1990’s, watching a lot of TV, and imagining myself on the big and small screen.  I wanted Oprah to interview me about my family, and discuss my dreams of being famous in media.  In my dreams, I would say:  “Oprah, I love your show, and am grateful to be a guest here in the famous harpo studios.” She would say:  “thanks Chris, I am glad to have as a guest.”  I also wanted on Live with Regis and Kathie Lee, Sally, Jenny Jones, and Ricki Lake.    The only times I was ever on TV as a little kid  was when I went to a St Patrick’s Day Parade  dressed all in green, and the local TV networks filmed me, I have seen pictures of myself but I don’t remember that time of my life.


  As a kid I also wanted to be a writer and I would write little movies and plays, family members would be my freelance actors. The stories I would create would just be silly stuff that came out of warped mind. Family members would play actors who they looked like, and I would write a fake script for them to read.   God It was fun!  People would tell my family: “that boy is going to b famous doing something he loves, comedy.”  Or my grandma would say:  “that boy is going to get rich, and I am going to move in with him”.


    When I was a preteen I made my TV debut with my cousin Brittany   we did a TV bowling Commercial for a local TV station, which was an ABC affricate in Columbus, Ohio. We taped it one night at a bowling alley called fiesta lanes, as my mother and grandmother were bowling with their all female bowling leagues.       It was so much fun to learn behind the scenes secrets.  Some of the information I was told was: “stand still, look at the cameras, and say your line with a smile”. They also said “don’t change anything you say”.     The 30 sec or so TV commercial aired the next week early in the morning, and my mom woke me up so I could watch myself. I hated how I looked; I was skinny and boney and stayed that way for years after.  Ugh!


 I had a video tape of it before my house fire in 1999.   I hope   people saw it, it only aired once.  I wish I could remember the date so I could add it to YouTube. Maybe one day the date will come to me in a dream, like everything else does sometimes.  After that show I was never invited back on the TV again like I hoped I would in my mind. NO such luck!

      in 2008 my dreams came true and I did not even have to relocate to New York or California.  I was watching TV one night in my bedroom, and I saw  a TV Commercial  that there was going to be a new school opening up in Columbus called The Ohio Center for Broadcasting, for people who wanted to be broadcasters. The Ohio Center for Broadcasting had locations in only 3 states around the world, but this would b the first broadcasting campus in Columbus. I told my mother about the school and the next day I scheduled an appointment.    I   was told by the school    that classes were set to start on March 17t.  That night I thought to myself, “I am not going to pass up doing something that’s going to make rich and famous”.


  I got enrolled at the school after the meeting.   The very first person I met was this woman who claimed she discovered Jerry Springer, and she is also the woman who interviewed me for enrollment.   My classes were weekday mornings; we met 3 days a week, the classes were 4 hours long. We had breaks between classes and there was a break room, with a vending machine and a soda machine. I was let out of class at lunch time, so my mother would pick me up for lunch. My first instructor was a former local DJ named Jack, he taught all of us students so much about his own broadcasting life lessons.  I was shy and kept to myself a lot, but      I met a lot of people as well. Looking back I should have spoken up more, and should got more passionate about being a future broadcaster. I also should have not have used the printer for things that were not school related. I interned at 3 media networks 2 radio channels and 1 TV.  That was a learning experience in itself. Only 2 of those companies r still up and running like they did when I interned for them.  I graduated on January 2009. I did not graduate with my classmates because I did not have enough intern hours, so I graduated one month later.


Since graduating in 2009 I have been a caller guest on a few internet shows,  and I enjoyed doing all of those shows when I did them. One of the shows is no longer on the air, but the rest are.  When I first did a show called The Rob and Trav Show which is a Howard Stern like show. They first asked me to come on after me and marc did our YouTube show, and I used to get mad at their questions and I attacked them. This is something I regret.   The men always asked me about my sex life with Marc, and the producer Rob always made fun of my teeth and even did a parody acct on them on twitter for about a year.


 I am still friends with these men, and I now let them say whatever they want. I mostly ignore them if I think they go too far, But I have learned to just slam them back. It’s all fun and games I think.  In 2010 My Life and business partner Marc Robinson and I created our company Robinson Ward New Media, and we did a short lived YouTube show that was geared as a news and cooking show. You can still watch old shows on YouTube.  The studio was a duplex that marc and I used to live in.


  We stopped doing it for 3 years, because one of marc’s granddaughters   flooded our kitchen by overflowing the toilet.  Then after marc and I moved to our new home, we posted my grandma making homemade lasagna. U can watch those shows on Marc’s YouTube channel.   I took a break from radio shows, and just focused on writings for awhile. After that I was a caller on a few radio shows. Now I have my own show on YouTube, which is a talk show where I discuss hot topics and more.



 In July I am taking my show on the road in New York City.      What I have learned about media? You may be asking I have learned that nothing ever stays the same; it can change at any time. I have learned that being an asshole gets you blacklisted. I have learned to just ignore haters, because they want you to block them so they can accuse you of being a diva.   I have had a very lucky life in media, and I have done things I have always dreamed. I work hard to live a good life.    

Talk soon.


Love to All

Christopher Michael Ward


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My FB Page!!

Youtube Video: Being Gay and Jewish!!!

Here's this week's YouTube Video

Watching ID All Day Saturday!!

Hey Fans,

As you all know I love watching The  ID Channel, and a day does not go by where I don't watch a show or 3. I do not always get to watch ID all day, but Saturday I will be doing just that. I will watch it as I do other stuff because I also have a life, but I will watch it as much as I can  until I have to go out Saturday Night. Join me  ID Addicts!!!

Love, Chris

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My book review about A View From a Broad by Bette Midler!!!

My Book Review about a View from a Broad by Bette Midler!!!                            4/9/2014



 Singer and Actress Bette Midler first wrote her book a view from a broad in 1980. The book is about her first world tour in 1978, right after she filmed her movie The Rose.  The book got reissued this month, and I got one of the first copies. On the day the book came out I called the bookstore and asked them to put on hold so marc could pick it up, He picked it up later that day.   It only took me one day to read the 150 page book, that’s how good the book is. The reissued book has been updated since  the original;     it has a brand pink  new cover and a new introduction written by Bette herself.

 I won’t tell you what’s inside the book only that it has great photos stories and jokes.  This book is for anyone who loves comedy, music, and Bette Midler.  I love this book so much, that I can’t stop talking about it enough. Go buy this book ASAP.
If u have any questions or comments, u can contact me on Twitter @ChrisMichaelW

Monday, April 7, 2014


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Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Favorite Shows of The Week!!!


 Favorite Shows of the Week!!!                            3-1-14



1         Portlandia - I loved the first episode of the new season of this show. Fred and Carrie are genius actors and writers. Fred is also the bandleader on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Portlandia airs on Thursday nights on IFC.

            2  Real Time with Bill Maher-   Bill Maher is a great host, who had guest Bruce Dern on last night. I    don’t agree with Bill, but his jokes can be funny as hell. My favorite part of this show is the new rules segment.  Real time airs Friday nights at 10pm on HBO.  You can follow Bill Maher on twitter @Bill Maher.





Saturday, February 22, 2014

My favorite shows of the week 2-16-14 - 2-23-14

My Favorite Shows of the Week for 2-16-14-2-23-14



Gigolos- Gigolos is about 4 men in Las Vegas, where woman pay the guys to show them a good time. I enjoy the show, and think you will too if u have not seen the show. The show airs on Showtime on Thursday nights. People tell me that their favorite Gigolo to watch is VIN, out of all the rest.  Tweet me who your favorite is on twitter.


   Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohan- Andy is one of my favorite hosts. He is funny, and smart. The best part about this show is that you can drink a cocktail right on air. He also ask his guests questions the viewers want answers to. You can watch WWHL Sunday-Thursday nights on Bravo TV.


   The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon- I have watched the tonight show since 1991, when I was about four years old. I loved the way Johnny Carson hosted the show, and when he ended his run I cried. Then Jay Leno came aboard, and he rocked it. Conan did all right. Jimmy Fallon is funny, and smart, and I really enjoyed his first show.  Jimmy will hopefully host the show for a long time.


These are my favorite shows of the week.  Talk next week

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Favorite Shows of This Week!!!


My Favorite Shows of This Week!!!!


People know I love watching the Investigation Discovery Channel, and the TCM Channel, but there are lots of other shows I watch as well. Here are my favorites of the week


1         The Fosters - the Fosters is a show about this lesbian couple who have foster kids. I just started watching this show, but I already love it. Everyone in the cast is great, and I have loved the creator Peter Paige since he played Emmitt on Queer as Folk.  The Fosters airs Monday Nights on ABC Family.


2         Nancy Grace- I have watching Nancy Grace for years, and she is one of the best TV hosts on HLN. I don’t agree with her all the time, but she is still great. Nancy Grace airs weeknights at 8pm on HLN.


3             HLN News Now with Vinnie Politian- Vinnie covers the top trials of the day like no one else, and I love how he ends his two hour show saying don’t forget to hug your kids. U can catch HLN News Now with Vinnie weekdays 1-3pmEST on HLN.


4            Shameless- Shameless is one of the best shows on TV because it’s about most families today. Emmy Rossum is a great actress. Bill Macy is a awesome as the father and grandfather Frank.  Everyone on that show are great actors. Shameless airs Sunday Nights on Showtime.    


5            The Wendy Williams Show- Wendy is one of my favorite talk show hosts of all time. I love her catch phase how you doin? And even though I don’t know her in real life, and I know her in my head. Check your local listings for show times.


                                More next week




Sunday, February 9, 2014

Live Tweeting with ID Addicts Schedule!!!

Live tweeting with ID Addicts Schedule!!!



Thursday February 13th 2014

Live tweeting with Tabloid Executive Producer Michelle Katz and Joe Giacalone during the show Tabloid. 10pm.


Saturday February 15th  

Live Tweeting with Darren Kavinoky who is the host of Deadly Sins, during the show at 9pm.


Thursday February 20th

Live tweeting with Michelle Katz and   Joe Giacalone, who is this episode during Tabloid. 10pm


More Dates TBA


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Full True Story about being an ID Addict, and how i became one!!

The Full True Story about being an ID Addict, and how I became one!!


I am writing this for all the ID Addicts in the world.


In 2011, my grandma started watching The Investigation Discovery Channel; I had never heard about it before, but was hooked after the first show.  The first show I watched was called till death do us part hosted by John Waters.  I watched the channel as much as I could after I saw that John Waters Show.  I did not know anyone else watched the channel besides for grandma.  On November 2011 I created an account on but never wrote a post, I just posted an avatar and left it alone. It was not until I created a new account this year that I remembered I had created that crated that account.  So now I have two accounts but I only write on the new one.    I stopped talking about ID for a while after that, but I talked about it on twitter and my blog before my vacation from watching.


 I have been talking about being an ID addict a lot since then, and lots of famous people have talked about too.  As you know if you read my tweets and blog, I love ALL the shows on Investigation Discovery but my all- time favorite is Deadly Sins hosted by my friend Darren Kavinoky.  I met Darren on twitter but I loved his show before we met, Darren is a good person.  Anyway, people who don’t know the full story have accused me of mocking Roseanne Barr because she said she was also an ID Addict. I hope now that I have taken the time to tell the whole true story; we can now put this opinion to rest and stick to facts.  I want to thank all the ID Addicts who follow all the twitter, and encourage anyone who don’t follow me to do so if they choose.  Also thanks to the people at the ID Channel for accepting me into their online family at and on twitter.


Love to you all




Christopher Michael Ward, an ID Addict

Monday, February 3, 2014

My 3 all-time favorite Superbowl Commercals of 2014

My 3 All- Time favorite Super bowl Commercials of 2014!!



Last night I enjoyed a lot of the super bowl ads last night, I liked the Doritos and Chobani.  But  I am only going to give 3 of my all time favorites  here, so here goes:


1.         Bud light: The commercial was a 3 parting commercial with an all star lineup that included Reggie Watts, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Don Cheadle, Minka Kelly, and a llama named Lilly.  This commercial made me want to get a beer, and party along with them.  Regardless if you like beer or not, can we agree it was   fun to watch? If you have not seen the commercial, look it up on YouTube.    You can   answer my questions on my Twitter page.


        2.       Ellen DeGeneres for Beats Music App:   Ellen has always been a good dancer on her talk show, and she has always loved music. This Commercial made me want to dance with her and the bears, in the fairy tale inspired ad.  If you have not seen the commercial, I suggest you look it up on YouTube.  Has anyone ever used the Beats Music App? Does it make a difference in sound? Answer me on Twitter.


3.             And my last favorite commercial is the Johnny Galecki Hyundai Commercial:  I have been a fan of Johnny’s since he played David on The Roseanne Show, and he really won me over with this ad.  In the commercial Johnny is hitting on a girl who is driving in a different car ,at a red light. What are your thoughts on the commercial?  Tweet me!        



Please Follow me on twitter @ChrisMichaelW, and we can talk more about these commercials

Forget You Week starts This Friday at 8pm Only on Investigation Discovery!!

I can't wait

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Signed up to be ID Addict of the Week!!

Please watch Investigation Discovery Daly at 8pm to see if I won. ID follows the winner on twitter

Sunday, January 26, 2014

I am an OFFICAL ID Addict!!!!!

What is an ID Addict?  ID Addict is someone who watches the Investigation Discovery Channel all the time.  I have been an ID Addict since 2011, and have since met other ID Addicts, and hosts of ID Shows.  U can search this blog to find out all of  my favorite ID Shows, but I like them all. My all- time favorite ID Show is Deadly Sins, and last night I live tweeted with the fans and host of the show Darren Kavinoky. I will be LIVE tweeting with fans of the show next Saturday February 1st 2014 as well.

      To find the  ID channel  In your area click on the following link

Have a good day!!!

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Wendy Williams Show Listings for other wendy fans

Happy Sabbath Readers!!!

Hey, Friday is here and I am ready. as u know if you follow me on Twitter, I love The Wendy Williams Show- Wendy is the Best talk show host on the air, but I love the other one's too. I also love Nancy Grace, and  I  will b calling in the next time she talks about weed because she only knows about people getting in trouble. Nancy never talks about the good side about weed, How it helps people with mental Illnesses and body pain. So I will keep u updated on when I call, and if I am allowed. Anyway, I am going to have kids at my house tonight for the weekend, the 3 grandkids I have the most.  I  am  so happy. I love them vary munch

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Have a good weekend!!!


Love, Chris

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

On Rob&Trav TONIGHT!!!

I will be on The Rob & Trav Show TONIGHT  7:30PST 10:30EST

Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Book Review for Laughs last by Dylan Brody!!!

Laughs last is a book about stand-up comedy, that will get you glued by page one. The main character named Damon is just the like most of us only funnier than most of us.  Dylan Brody is an original writer, who knows how to write and tell a good story. I hope to see more books by Dylan in the near future.  This book will make you laugh your ass off, and cry your ass off too.   I recommend all of you to buy this book ASAP!  You can find more info about this book on and

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New Year's Message from Chris!!!!

Dear Readers,

First of all Happy New Year!  it's hard to imagine that it's 2014 already. My New Year's Resolutions are to be  more nicer, more open minded, and more funnier. Last year I did a lot of bitching and blaming, but I have matured since then so this year you will see a  new me and new projects I am working on.  As u may know if you follow me on Twitter, I will b off of twitter until tomorrow, and I was glad to spend time with family as I took a break from it.  I also have been reading two books, one book is called Laughs Last by Dylan Brody, and the other book is  called The Sexy Part of The Bible by Kola Boof.

 I will be publishing  book review's on Laugh's Last this weekend,  the other book review for The Sexy Part of The Bible  will b out later this month so stay tuned.  I also have had kids in my house since last Saturday, the kids are the grandkids and they have been giving me live private home movies that r not on video. LOL!  The reason Marc and I are letting them stay so long is because they are on winter break, and they help us around the house. We love these kids so much!! I will be resting after they are gone, and going back to my script writing as well. It's hard for me to do script writing with everything else I am doing.

I have done a little resting with the kids here, but it will be nice to rest without them here too. I have not watched much of  the ID channel , only a few shows. I  will go back to my 12 hour marathon's after they go back home. LOL!

Happy New Year


Christopher Michael