Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas!!

Hey Everyone,

having tech issues with YouTube Videos, so there will be NOT be more this year. The audio sounds like I am in a tunnel! The Dr Phil Show is on break so there are no NEW Shows Airing! I hope all of you have a Merry Christmas! Stay Safe.


Sunday, December 13, 2015

No youtube video was made last friday, due to tech issues!

The YouTube video set to be released last Friday, has been moved to this Friday. same topics, different release date.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

You can find the video on my YouTube channel

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

ICYMI: Yesterday's Dr Phil Show!!

Should I Give Up on Getting Hot?

#DrPhil #DietingGoals

Today's ALL NEW Dr Phil Show!!

This Animal Activist is Under Attack!!

#DrPhil #Advocate4Animals

Friday, December 4, 2015

A Letter to My Younger Self!!

This week I wrote the following letter. Enjoy!

A  Letter to My Younger Self!!                                                              12- 4-15



Dear Younger Christopher,

You are three years old, and cute with your chubby cheeks and body fat. Everyone used to say you would grow up to be a football linebacker for The Ohio State Buckeyes, but you would letter be too skinny. I remember when Cousin Brittany pitched you on the elbow at Walt Disney World Resort, and you cried for Moobs. (Moobs is what you called her grandma, who you now call Nana)  Nothing negative that happen to you  was your fault, yet you felt guilty about it for years.  I miss you, but glad to have been you.


I will check in with you from time to time, however please understand I am working hard to follow my dream in media and writing. You will always be with me! One day I will thank you on Radio, and TV, for always being there as I grew up to be a man.

I Love You,

Adult Christopher

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgivng!!

I see you back here This Friday.

Yesterday and Today's Dr Phil!!

Yesterday, Laura told Dr Phil she had a " A Crazy Childhood" and that her Dad John was the " Breast Pump Bandit" John admitted he has done drugs and drank with his teen daughter. Here is the full info

Now here's info on Part 2

Hashtags: #DrPhil #ParentalDrama

Friday, November 20, 2015

Thursday, November 19, 2015

ICYMI: Yesterday's Dr Phil

#DrPhil #SystemGoneWrong

ICYMI: Today's Dr Phil!!

#DrPhil #AbuseAccusations

Concussion Movie!!

Tonight, I was part of a conference call about the movie Concussion with Dr Bennet Omalu, Etoy Ridgnal, Joshua DuBois, and so many people around the world. It was interesting! Concussion is a film based on the true and courageous journey of Dr. Bennet Omalu, the brilliant Nigerian American forensic neuropathologist, who made the discovery of CTE (a football-related brain trauma caused by repented concussions) and fought for the truth to be known. Concussion stars actor Will Smith, and opens Christmas Day.   More info at Follow the movie on Twitter @ConcussionMovie,  and Like Concussion on Facebook.

A Note from Chris!

Hey Everyone,

I am sorry I did not share info about yesterday's Dr Phil on here. I am working on numerous projects, and I also have a family. I will do my best to inform you everything.

Thanks for Reading!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

ICYMI: Yesterday's Dr Phil!!

Gina Turned to Dr Phil who said her daughter Alexis was kidnapped by her boyfriend David. Dad Dan faces off with David.

Hashtags: #DrPhil #AConcernedFamily

Today's Dr Phil!!

It's Part 2 of a story about a Guy Who gets Accused of Abusing his Daughter by his Ex-Wife. What will The Polygraph Reveal?

Hashtags: #DrPhil #AConcernedFamily

Friday, November 13, 2015

ICYMI: Today's Dr Phil!!

Jenna is divorcing her husband Travis, She's in Love with Country Singer Kip Moore.

Hashtags: #DrPhil #ComplicatedCrush

This Week's YouTube Video!!

Video 1.
I tell you about my media backstory

Bonus Vid.
I teach you a song i learned in Kindergarten

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

ICYMI: Today's Dr Phil Show!!

I Am sorry I am posting this so late, but I always recommend you watch or record Dr. Phil.

Hashtags: #DrPhil #CustodyDispute

Friday, November 6, 2015

This Sunday: I give a promo on my video on my video on 11/12!!

This Sunday I will give you a promo on a video I am doing on Thursday November 12th. The video will be the first of weekly videos I  am doing Every Thursday on my YouTube Channel.  All Videos are produced by Robinson Ward New Media

ICYMI: Today's Dr Phil!!

Hashtags: #DrPhil #PostNupDilemma

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Today's Dr Phil!!

Jewel Made Herself Blind on Purpose. Find Out why today!

Also Dr Travis Stork from The Doctors weighs in

Hashtags: #DrPhil #Able2Disabled

Friday, October 30, 2015

ICYMI: Today's Dr Phil Show!!

Today was Part 2 of The Jared Fogle Audio Tapes. When You Click on The Link, Please Look at The Advice Links on The Right Hand Side.

Here is a link on Sexual Predator Warning Signs

Hagtags: #DrPhil #JaredFogle

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Today's ALL NEW Dr Phil about Jared Fogle!!

Today is Part one about The Jared Fogle Secret Audio Tapes. Jared Went from Subway Sandwich King to Child Sex Abuser. Please Tune In!

Hashtags #DrPhil #JaredFogle

Part Two of The Jared Fogle Audio Tapes Air Tomorrow!!

Warning Signs and Resources  for Child Sexual Abuse!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October Book Review!!!

Book Review for Love Can Build a Bridge by Naomi Judd!!

Book Review for Love Can Build a Bridge By Naomi Judd                      10-28-15



I am doing a Book Review on a Book that came out in 1993 because I have been of The Judd’s all of my life. I grew up with their songs like Why Not Me and River of Time. The Book is about the lives of Naomi, Wynonna, and Ashley Judd, and I think you will enjoy this book if you are a fan of these talented ladies. This is The Only Book Naomi has written about The Judd History.  I only saw The Judds LIVE once Five Years Ago during Their Last Encore Tour.


You can find this book online or in a old book store, which is where I found my copy.  Everything in this book u can now Google, unless you don’t have the internet. You can find Naomi Judd, Wynonna Judd, and Ashley Judd on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for Reading!


Please come back and Read it.

Today's Dr Phil Show!!

If you ever miss the show, and did not record it has highlights. Check Your Local Listings for times in your city!!

Hashtags: #DrPhil #ConflictedSpouse

Monday, October 26, 2015

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Belief On OWN!!

Since Sunday, I Have had a ball watching Belief on OWN ( Oprah Winfrey Network)  with My Team. I love this show! Have you been watching?

ICYMI: Today's Dr Phil!!

Dr Phil Interviews Hollywood Facialist Dawn DaLuise About being Accused of Hiring a Hitman  for The First Time Ever.

Hashtags: #DawnDaLuise #DrPhil

Monday, October 19, 2015

Today's Dr Phil!!

Hagtags: #GambledItAway #CuttingBait #DrPhil

UPDATE: 10-20-15

I Forgot to post the hashtag for Ryan's Update, and the Hashtag is #CuttingBait. Sorry!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Book Review on 10/28!!

I will have a Book Review on Here, called " Love Can Build a Bridge by Naomi Judd. See you here!

Book Review News Later Today!!

Come Back and check it out!!

Today' s Dr Phil Show With Oprah!!!

When We Taped This Show My Team and the in-Studio Audience did not know she was going to be on, until she came out so it really was a surprise. Also  This was before I started doing things With OWN and Belief. Yes I was late joining! The Belief project on July 7th  ( My Birthday) I did not know.

Here's The Link

Hashtags: #DrPhil #SeekingConnection

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

ICYMI: Today's Dr Phil!!

First of all I hope you are  setting your DVR Every Weekday for Dr. Phil, so Please do that Right now. Now Here is The link for the Show I love

Hashtags: #DrPhil #HeroicSon


Monday, October 12, 2015

Friday, October 9, 2015

ICYMI: Today's NEW Dr Phil Show!!

Today's Show was about a TEEN who is OBESSED with SOCIAL MEDIA!!

Hashtags: #DrPhil #ObessedWithSocial

 More NEW Shows Next Week!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

ICYMI: Today's Dr Phil Show!!

Here's What you missed!

Areva Martin was on today's Show

Hashtags: #DrPhil #CustodyDispute

SideNote: I am a Dr. Phil Social Media Contributor, and have been since July. ALL  of the Show links  from season 14  so far can be on this blog.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I am an OWN Ambassador for OWN ( Oprah Winfrey Network)

On October 2, I become an OWN Ambassador, and I really like it. If you want to join so many of us, please click the link on how.

 It's simple, easy, and FREE!!

Join Oprah and Deepak Chopra on a 21-Day Meditation Experience!!

I love to Meditate, and have done it for years. It's The Best thing for The Body, Mind, and Soul!!!

Starting November 2nd, You can Join Oprah & Deepak Chopra On a 21-Day Meditation Experience called Become What You Believe. I have Signed up, and hope to see you there with us. Here's The info

ICYUMI: Today's Dr Phil Show!

Here's all the info about Today's ALL NEW Dr Phil Show

Hashtags: #DrPhil  #MaritalCrossroads

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Today's Dr Phil Show!!

Today Six Siblings of Mansa Musa Muhammad speak out for the first time about the first time ever about being abused by their father!!

#DrPhil #AFamilyAbused

Monday, October 5, 2015

Today's Dr Phil Show!!!

You DO NOT Want to miss Today's Show about Robin and her 23 Year-old Son Riley, who clams he worked as a Famous Songwriter for Taylor Swift.

Hashtags: #DrPhil #FantasyOrReal

Friday, October 2, 2015

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

ICYMI: Today's Dr Phil!!

I hope you watch Dr. Phil Weekdays, but if you missed today's here's the info

Hashtags: #DrPhil #DadBehavingBadly

Sunday, September 27, 2015

This Week's Dr Phil Show set to air!!

The following Dr. Phil Shows will be airing This Week!

Sorry Again for The Tech Issues For Friday's Video!!

All Weekend I did My best to get this video up, but due to You Cam and YouTube NOT wanting to work  together  I failed. I will probably have to shoot another video in a different way! More info soon; 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Today's ALL NEW Dr. Phil Show!!

Today's Episode is about a Mother and Daughter Feud, More Info in The Following Link

HashTags: #DrPhil #MotherDaughterWarfare

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Today's ALL NEW Dr. Phil Show!!

Today is Part 2 about Missing Mom Carie Zapletal.

I Can't Wait to See the Update After The Show.

Hashtags: #DrPhil #AMotherMissing

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Today's ALL NEW Dr. Phil!!

Today's Dr Phil is about A Missing Mother, and a Step-Dad Accused. You can find all the info in the following link

Today's Hashtags: #DrPhil #AMotherMissing

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Today's ALL NEW Dr Phil Show!!!

Due to the Pope's visit to the USA, parts of The Dr. Phil Show was interrupted, so here is the link to catch up on the show topic with Waco and Alley

Please Watch Dr. Phil Weekdays!!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Due to Tech issues last friday, I will have the video out this Friday!!

You can find all my videos on My YouTube Page Here:

ICYMI: Today's ALL NEW Dr Phil Show!!

Today's Dr Phil was about a mother named Constance and her out of control daughter Candice. For more info click on the following link

Show hashtags: #DrPhil #ChaoticHome

Due to my work schedule, I may late with putting info out, so please don't wait for me and go every weekday for show info!!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Today's ALL NEW Dr Phil Episode!!

MMA Fighter Eddie and his ex-wife are fighting for custody over their son, and Dr Phil gives them some advice that can help them work together. The following link has all the info

Thursday, September 17, 2015

I will have a BRAND NEW Video on YouTube tomorrow!!

I have been taking a break from doing YouTube videos, and I have had so many work projects since then so I will tell in great de what I have been to. I can't every single thing, but lots of info. Check back here for the link!!! BACK ON YOUTUBE!!

Today's Dr Phil Show- Thursday 9/17

I work with The Dr Phil Social Media Team a few days a week, so I sometimes am delayed with show info. Be sure to check local listings to catch Dr Phil Weekends!!! Now about today's show:

Today Dr Phil discussed Transgender issues, and you can find all the info about the show in the following link

I Love Dr Phil, his show, the staff I know on cyber, and ALL THE FANS!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Nicholas Brendon on Dr. Phil!!

On Today's Dr. Phil, Actor Nicholas Brendon was on Dr. Phil. Did You watch? If not, here is some info u missed. Show Hashtags: #DrPhil #SavingNicholas

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Today's ALL NEW Dr Phil Show!!

Dr Phil interviews Suzy Favor Hamilton, who went from Athlete to Escort. You can find the link  below:

Show Hashtags: #DrPhil #AthleteTurnedEscort

Monday, September 14, 2015

Dr Phil Season 14 Premiere TODAY!!

Today is a big day for EVERYONE who works for The Dr Phil Show, and I hope ALL FANS are ready!!

Show Topic: A Baby Ripped from the Womb: One Mother's Nightmare

Show Topic: #DrPhil #UnthinkableCrime

Sunday, September 13, 2015

My Favorite Doc for September: I am Chris Farley!!

My Favorite Doc for September:  I am Chris Farley!!                                          9/13/14



Chris was a person who never took himself too seriously, and people loved him because of it. I grew up in the 90’s, and loved watching Chris and David Spade on SNL, my dad and I loved how they worked together.  My favorite memories of Chris are his movies, and the Chippendales’ sketch with Patrick Swayze.  You can find the Documentary I am Chris Farley on Spike TV, so check your local listings.

Tomorrow begins season 14 Premiere Week for The Dr Phil Show!!

We want EVERYONE to watch!! Here's the press release about season 14

Friday, September 11, 2015

Today's ALL NEW Dr Phil Show!!!

The Following link has all the info for Today's Show, so forget to watch.

Show Hashtags: #DrPhil #MarriageMess

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My Favorite Doc Review for September out on 9/13!!

The Doc I am reviewing is called I Am Chris Farley, and it's about the life and career of Chris Farley. I have always been a fan of Chris's, and I will Share my Favorite CF Moments to watch in the review so be sure to check back and read it. See you on Sunday!

Here's The Huff Post Article about Tomorrow's Dr Phil Show!!

Tomorrow Dr Phil is airing an ALL NEW  episode about Bill Cosby, and here is the Huff Post article about it.

Tomorrow I will blog the info about it.

Today's ALL NEW Dr Phil Episode!!

This Episode is called Lie, Lust and a Missing Million? YOU  can find all the info in this link

The Twitter Hashtags: #DrPhil  #AFamilyTorn

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Tomorrow's Dr Phil Show Info!

ALL NEW! Dr Phil Interviews actress Susan Sarandon and Sister Helen Prejean as they share their fight to save Richard Glossip, Richard is on a death row for a crime he did not commit. For more info on the show, Richard Glossip and how to fight for him please click on the following link.

I am part of the DP Twitter Team, and I participated during the show so u may see my opinions on the show.


Check back in a few weeks for info on book reviews in October.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Book Review: 63 Things The Goverment Does Not Want You to Know!!

This is my Introduction    for the book review of the month!!

I hope you find this book so interesting that you go buy it ASAP. The Book is called 63 Things The Government Does Not Want You to Know By Jessie Ventura with Dick Russell, and it will open your mind to things you may not know about. All the documents can be found on the internet, according to Jessie.  Now please read the following for the review!

I have  been a fan of Jessie's for a long time, and I love this book so much. You will find documents about stuff when George W Bush was president, like 9/11. You will find documents about CIA Mind Control, and More. The Book is in 5 different parts, from Postwar History Scandals to  Government, Military, and Corporate Secrets. From Shady White House Deals, and 9/11. There's much more in the book to keep you reading, and you find this book online or in bookstores.

Thanks for Reading, and have a safe weekend!!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

My Favorite Doc: Sushi The Global Catch!!

My Favorite Doc: Sushi A Global Catch!!!                                         8/22/15


Whatever your views on Sushi, you may like this 2011 doc. This doc explores how Japanese Chef’s bought and prepares Sushi, and how it went from an expensive to a cheaper and common food. The hardest part is watching how they cut up the newly dead fish with their eyes open. I was unable to watch the whole one hour and thirty minute doc because of this, but when I update this review I will have more new info. I don’t eat Sushi, I only eat cooked fish.


 There are Japanese Sub-titles so you want to pay attention to the screen, unless you speak the language. This is a great doc about Sushi!!  You can find this documentary on Pivot TV, online or on DVD!!  

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Help Free Richard Glossip!!!

Actress Susan Sarandon, and Sister Helen Prejean are fighting to help free Richard Glossip. Richard was convicted of a murder he did not commit, and Justin Sneed has admitted to the murder he committed.  For ALL info on this case, click on the following link

My Interview on Jezebel Website!!

I was asked to be interviewed by Julianne, and the article came out on Tuesday.  As you know I do like to watch the ID channel, so when I was asked to participate I was thrilled. I hope all of you enjoy the article, I am featured towards the middle.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

UPDATED Media Bio!!



Updated on 8/11/2015


Christopher Michael Ward is a Writer, and New Media Company Owner. Christopher has been professionally part of the Media Business since graduating from The Ohio Center of Broadcasting Columbus Campus in 2008, where he spent months learning about the basic training courses in TV and Radio Broadcasting from local media professionals.      Chris also worked as in intern   with local Radio, TV, and internet   networks, where he was taught firsthand how a radio studio is ran, how to answer calls from Radio listeners, and how to edit TV programs.


  The Experience from OCB   gave Christopher the ability to start his own production company in 2010 with his life and media partner Marc Robinson, called Robinson Ward New Media LLC. In 2010.     Christopher has gained a fan base doing YouTube videos, YouTube shows, VLOGS , and Vine Videos.  


   Christopher was a caller on a few shows, but made his radio guest debut on Dylan Brody’s Neighbors Couch on January 22nd 2013. He planned  on  going  back on,  but the show ended. Christopher expanded a fan base on The Rob & Trav Show, when he did weekly hot topics in 2013, but he left the show later that year. After that Chris did work on The Rob Saul Show, where he did hot topics, and guest hosted his last episode before leaving the show. Chris is no longer a fan of the show!!


Chris did Sabbath videos on YouTube once a month, but canceled all future episodes on July 22n Christopher can be found on Vine.   Chris has been live tweeting with the ID Channel for a few years now, during shows like Deadly Sins, Tabloid, and  Cry Wolfe  Chris is doing a top secret project for a TV Show, but cannot yet discuss details.  . He can be found on Twitter @ChrisMichaelW ,  and on his website


Thursday, August 6, 2015

I will be UPDATING my blogpost about Being Gay and Jewish!!

Be sure to check back on this blog on Thursday September 3rd 2015. I first wrote the Blog post last January, and got busy to update it so I picked September to do it.

Monday, August 3, 2015

About People lying and misforming people about me!!

UPDATED on 8/7/15
I did not want to  do this, but lately people have been lying  about me on Twitter. Those people are no longer in contact with me!!  Please Read the following:

I don't like it when people lie or misinform people about me anywhere. One of the things they discuss is me being Jewish, so let me explain the truth if you care for facts. I am not Jewish because of a book, people, or anything that is false. I am Jewish because I always knew I was. How? I just always knew I was not  Catholic like most of my family. No, I am not converted, but it's how you live your life and how you feel in your heart that matters.

 Deal?  I have shared information about being  Jewish on here last year, and here is a link about that   [I know it needs updated, it will be next month.]  Anyway, People love to lie and misinform when the truth is too hard to handle. I don't lie, so you should believe me over any 3rd party liars over me. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Dr PhIl did a show on Young People Cyberbullying last week

and here is the link from it.
 Please feel free to Share with ALL young people!! I have been a victim of cyber bullying, and I have been the bully. We need to END ALL CYBER BULLYING!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Book Review for July: Final Analysis by Catherne Crier

Book Review for Final Analysis!!!


If you followed the Susan Polk murder case, you will love how Catherine covers this case, and if you never followed the case you will love the story. First Catherine tells us about the murder of Felix, and then she covers everything like how Susan met Felix and how they lived life. Felix was Susan’s psychologist, and what happens after this will shock you. All the information will leave you in awe. The book is in 3 parts:  the death on miner road, the investigation, and the trial.

  For information on where to buy the book click here

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Book Review This Tuesday!!

 The Book is called Final Analysis The Untold Story Of The Susan Polk Murder Case by Catherine Crier. The Susan Polk Murder Case made national headlines, and every one was obsessed about it.  as a true crime fan, I really enjoyed doing this book review, and I hope u enjoy reading it this Tuesday.

My Sabbath Video for July- My last one ever!!

On July 17th I taped and uploaded the Sabbath Video for July, but because of my crazy work load, I forgot to post it after it came out. it was on my YouTube,  and twitter page. Here is the link:

Topic is Kabbalah in General.  This will be my last one, due to a top secret project in august I have cancelled ALL future Sabbath Videos.  

Monday, July 13, 2015

My Sabbath Video for July will be out this Friday at sundown EST time

Topic will be on  Kabbalah in general, and you can find it on my YouTube Page for info on Kabbalah go to

My Favorite Doc: Glen Campbell I'll Be Me

Glen Campbell is a country  singer with Hit songs like "Rhinestone Cowboy", and "Galveston", he is man who has Alzheimer's. This Documentary   chronicles his life and career, and his farewell tour. This documentary will make you laugh, cry, sing, and dance. You will see interviews with Glen's Family and Friends, and you will love this doc if you love the music by Glen Campbell. For more information click here:

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Tomarrow night is the sabbath of Pinchias!!! The Blessing of Embarrassment By Michael Berg!!

Michael Berg is the son of The Rav, and he writes information about portions in the Torah. This week is about the Portion "Pinchias" from Book of Numbers. Tomorrow night at sundown is Sabbath, and it ends Saturday Night at sundown. Here is more info on all of this

Friday, July 3, 2015

The Book of Bilaam!!!

I am a kabballist, and tonight is Sabbath. The following is from Michael Berg, Michael Berg is The son of The Rav and his wife. Enjoy!!

Tel Aviv Declared Second Holiest Site in Homosexuality!!

This story is from The Israeli Daily

Danny Nash is a great writer, and I am glad he wrote this for gay Jewish people. I am also glad Tel Aviv has declared two holly sites for homosexuality. Please feel free to share this article!!  

Bree Newsome takes down Confederate Flag in SC!!!

This story is from the show Democracy Now!!!

  I personally am not a fan of the Confederate flag, and am so happy Bree Newsome had the guts to climb up the maypole and bring the flag down. On the other hand, I also am for Free Speech, and think if racist people what do hang it in their yard, they should be allowed.  Free Speech is everybody's right!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My Book Review for Find Me by Rosie O'Donnell!!

My Book Review for Find Me by Rosie O’Donnell!!                                      6/30/15


I am writing this book review because I have been a fan of Rosie’s since 1996, and I know there are others just like me, also because Rosie follows me on Twitter. Rosie wrote this book in 2002 the same year she ended her first Talk Show ‘The Rosie O’Donnell. Show” and I have had the book since Christmas 2002.  This Book is about how Rosie was contacted by a pregnant teenage girl, and how it changed her life. This story will stay with you years after you first read it, and you will think about it a lot. This is one good book!!


This book is also about Rosie’s Childhood, and how her life was going at the time she wrote the book. This book will make you smile, cry, and feel good about life. You can buy the book here

Monday, June 15, 2015

My Book Review for Roseannearchy!!!

MY BOOK REVIEW FOR ROSEANNEARCHY!!                                             6-15-15



Roseannearchy  is a book that Comic Roseanne Barr wrote in 2011,  and the paperback came out in 2012.  It’s one of my favorite books to read!!   Roseanne is known for her jokes and rants, and this book is no different. Roseanne discusses over 25 topics, and each is funny and entertaining. My favorite topics Roseanne Discusses are the 90’s, Meditation, God, and Death. This book should be in schools, colleagues, and stores all over!!!

You will not be sorry you read this book review, and decided to buy this book and read it, I just know if you love Roseanne You will love this book. You can buy this book on Amazon, or in bookstores. Here is the Amazon Link   You can get more information  about this book at . You can follow Roseanne Barr on Twitter @TheRealRoseanne

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sabbath Video for June: Topic is Meditation

Book Review for June, This Monday is Roseannearchy!!!

 I will have two Book Review's this month, one being  Roseannearchy. This  is a book that was published in 2011 by Comic and Actress Roseanne Barr. Roseanne gives her views on Hollywood, Satan, Mental Illnesses, Meditation, and Family among other topics. This book will make you laugh, think and get mad at the world. More info in the review.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My Favorite Documentry: America's Sweethart!!

My Favorite Doc Review for “America’s Sweetheart:  Queens of Nashville”!                     6-10-15


This Documentary was released in 2014, and it centers around 4 Country Music singers Taylor Swift, Reba, Faith Hill, and Carrie Underwood. It talks about how the women grew up, got their start, and what they are doing up to 2014.  It features interviews with them, and people who love their music.  This   is one of My favorite Documentaries   because I grew up listening to Reba and Faith, and I am also a fan of Carrie and Taylor. You can watch this Documentary on the AXS TV Network.   


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Some of My June Projects!!

Hey Everyone,

June is here which means summer is near. I will have projects here for your enjoyment this month, and all summer long!!!! For now, I will give you about some  my June Projects.

 On June 10th I will be releasing another review of one of my favorite documentaries called America's Sweethearts: The Queens of Nashville. The Documentary centers around  country singers Taylor Swift, Reba, Faith Hill, and  Carrie Underwood, and it tells us their backstory and why they are the Queens of Nashville.  The Doc was made in 2014, and I will have more information about it on Wednesday June 10th.

On June  12th, I will do my monthly Sabbath Video for June. I will teach you some of the meditations I do, and why I do it. I tape on Friday Afternoon, for release on YouTube at sundown on East Coast time.  You can find my YouTube Page here

That's all the information I have for you now!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

UPDATED Media Bio!!!



Updated on 5/27/2015


Christopher Michael Ward is a Writer, Media Company Owner, and self-proclaimed ID Addict.  Christopher has been professionally part of the Media Business since graduating from The Ohio Center of Broadcasting Columbus Campus in 2008, where he spent months learning about the basic training courses in TV and Radio Broadcasting from local media professionals.      Chris also worked as in intern   with local Radio, TV, and internet   networks, where he was taught firsthand how a radio studio is ran, how to answer calls from Radio listeners, and how to edit TV programs.


  The Experience from OCB   gave Christopher the ability to start his own production company in 2010 with his life and media partner Marc Robinson, called Robinson Ward New Media LLC. In 2010.    Since 2010, Christopher has gained a fan base doing YouTube videos, YouTube shows, and VLOGS , and Vine Videos.  


   Christopher was a caller on a few shows, but made his radio guest debut on Dylan Brody’s Neighbors Couch on January 22nd 2013. He  planned  on  going  back on,  but the show ended  later that year.  Christopher expanded a fan base on The Rob & Trav Show, when he did weekly hot topics in 2013, but he left the show later that year. After that Chris worked on The Rob Saul Show, where he did hot topics, and guest hosted one episode before he left the show. Chris is still a fan, and listens when he can .


Chris  does Sabbath on YouTube once a month, but left Vine.  Chris has been live tweeting with the ID Channel for a few years now, during shows like Deadly Sins, Tabloid, and Did He Do It? . He can be found on Twitter @ChrisMichaelW Daly, and on his website

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Darren Kavinoky's Top 10 Takeaways from doing his ID Show Breaking Point!

Darren Kavinoky is an accomplished TV personality, attorney, interventionist, keynote speaker, and ' misbehavior expert' who has appeared on countless TV shows like Dr. Phil, The View, and Dr. Drew. Darren has  done radio shows as well. Darren has 3 shows on the Investigation Discovery Channel, Deadly Sins, Did He Do It? and Breaking Point, in fact the Top 10 Takeaways are stuff he has learned from being an addict and working with the subjects.

 Here is the link for the Takeaways!!

Friday, May 15, 2015

My Sabbath Video for May out Next Friday May 22nd!!

Next Friday May 22nd, I will do my Sabbath video for may, topic TBA.  I have done Sabbath Videos for months now, and I will do it for the rest of the year once a month. For all the videos I have, and to fund all the videos I will do in the future go to my YouTube page at

Friday, May 8, 2015

I will be getting a gift from Darren Kavinoky!!!

The Story goes that there was a contest for one of Darren Kavinoky's Shows called #DidHeDoIt? and the winner gets a Investigation Discovery Sweatshirt and autographed picture. All you had to do to win  was be an ID Addict, upload a video about why you love ID and Darren on YouTube and share on your Social Media pages.
 Well, everyone who did it won the swag, and I can't wait to wear it and smile. here's the link about the contest and the videos that were submitted. I am the last one:

Here's the link about  why he chose all to win

I have known Darren and my #IDAddicts Family for years, so I am no newbie.

My Podcast from Swoopsworld on Wedneday!!!

I was on The #SwoopsWorld Radio Show Wednesday discussing being an #IDAddict, chatting with #IDAddicts on Twitter, and my Media Life. It was a fun and delightful show!!!! Here's the podcast

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Monday, May 4, 2015


This month’s Book Review is for ALL FANS Of the FX Show Sons of Anarchy!!!!   The Show may be over, but with this book it will live on along with reruns on TV and DVDs. The Book is called ‘SONS OF ANARCHY THE OFFICAL COLLECTOR’S EDITION By Tara Bennett, it came out in 2014 and is out.


  The Book tells fans of the show everything they wanted to know about the show, from stories about making the show to how the actors prepared themselves to play the iconic Characters. There are over 200 pages that will give your SOA fix, and there’s stuff you will not find anything else.   This book has great pictures in every page, and I just loved them!!!


 My Favorite Parts are the back of the book where it tells you everyone who died during the 7 Seasons,  I also love the beginning and the end where SOA Creator Kurt Sutter tells his thoughts on making the show.  I can read those parts all day!!!  I am not morbid, I just like to look back at the list of people who died because it gives you names and I can never remember them all.


This Book is one of my Favorites, because I was a huge fan of the show, and miss it so much. I loved all the people who acted on the show, but I have always been a fan of Katey Segal since she was Peg Bundy on  the Fox Show Married With Children.  You can buy this book online and in bookstores now.

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My Media Bio for Press and Fans!!!

Edited on 5/15/15

About Christopher Michael Ward                                                                    


Christopher Michael Ward is a Writer, Media Company Owner, and self-proclaimed #IDAddict from Columbus Oho.   Christopher has been professionally part of the Media Business since graduating from The Ohio Center of Broadcasting Columbus Campus in 2008, where he spent months learning about the basic training courses in TV and Radio Broadcasting from local media professionals.      Chris also worked as in intern   with local Radio, TV, and internet   networks, where he was taught firsthand how a radio studio is ran, how to answer calls from Radio listeners, and how to edit TV programs.

   The Experience from OCB   gave Christopher the ability to start his own production company in 2010 with his life and media partner Marc Robinson, called Robinson Ward New Media LLC. In 2010, where an official website was shortly created.   Since 2010, Christopher has done YouTube videos, YouTube shows, and VLOGS on YouTube, and Vine Videos.


  Christopher was a caller on a few shows, but made his radio guest debut on Dylan Brody’s Neighbors Couch on January 22nd 2013, and was planning to go back on but the show was over for good later that year.  Christopher gained a fan base on The Rob & Trav Show, when he did weekly hot topics in 2013, but he left the show later that year. Most recently Chris worked on The Rob Saul Show, where he did hot topics before he left the show, but still a fan.  Chris left Vine.

 Chris has been live tweeting with the ID Channel for a few years now, with shows like Deadly Sins, Tabloid, and Did He Do It? And Breaking Point. He can be found on Twitter @ChrisMichaelW tweeting with the #IDAddicts  and his other followers, and on his website


Monday, April 27, 2015

My Favorite Doc: FAHRENHEIT 9/11

Michael Moore discusses  a searing examination of the role played by money and oil in the wake of 9/11.  He shows us what President Bush was doing, and what he did  when he found out about the twin towers being hit. He shows us how America reacted to 9/11. He shows us he reacted to 911. This Documentary is my favorite because it's fair and truthful. If you have never seen this 2004 Doc, buy this DVD online now. PLEASE DO NOT  buy any bootlegs of this documentary, or any documentary I have shared on this website.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Momsters Season Two this fall on ID!!!

I loved the first season of Momsters last year, and I am glad it will be coming back for season two this fall.   Momsters is one of my Favorite Shows!!! Are you ready ID Addicts???

Why I love The Investigation Discovery Network!!!

I taped this video on YouTube  over the weekend, and I did it for all The ID Network Fans. I can never get the audio in sync when I do videos, but I hope you can enjoy it anyway.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

My Favorite ID Shows!!!!

Everyone knows I love The ID Channel, and i watch it every day and night. I am an ID Addict!!!
Here are 5 out of many of my favorite shows on Investigation Discovery

Did He Do It?

Deadly Sins

Fatal Vows

Cause of Death

On The Case with Paula Zahn

If you do not know what the Investigation Discovery network is, go to This list is for #IDAddicts!!!

Monday, April 13, 2015

My Favorite Doc: Finding Vivan Maier

Finding Vivian Maier is an American Documentary about a street photographer who was unknown in her lifetime, but now is acclaimed and has had her work in galleries all over the world. It is a film about the life and work of career nanny Vivian Maier, and her amazing collection of 100,000 photographs. Watch on Cable or online

My Sabbath Video for April: Topic is Passover.

I taped this Friday Afternoon, and released it Friday Night at sundown. Watch on YouTube Here!

Part One:

Part 2:

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My Favorite Doc: Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press One

This great documentary spotlights the traumas endured by America's veterans as seen through the work of the hotlines trained responders, who provide immediate intervention and support in hopes of support in hopes of saving the lives of service members. watch on HBO or Amazon Instant Video

My Favorite Doc: A Rape in a Small Town

Easter Eve, 1991, 75-year old Florence Holway was brutally attacked, raped, and beaten in her New England home. Barely surviving the attack, she vowed that she would do everything in her power to see that her 25 year old attacker John LaForest  who had a past criminal record no less, could never do the same thing to another innocent woman Watch for FREE on YouTube

Monday, April 6, 2015

My Favorite Doc: Citizenfour

After Laura Poitras received encrypted emails from someone with information the government's  massive convert-surveillance programs, she and reporter Glenn Greenwald traveled to Hong Kong to meet the sender, who turned out to be Edward Snowden. Released on October 2014. Watch on HBO. and get more info here

This Month's Sabbath Video will be this Friday!!

This Month's Sabbath Video will be this Friday. It got moved from April 3rd to April 10th, and I am sorry I never updated. Topic:  Passover

My Favorite Doc: Dreamcatcher

Brenda Myers-Powell is a former Prostitute  who helps at-risk youths and women who are also Prostitutes,    break the cycle of abuse, violence, and sexual exploitation. She also helps them find the means to change the means of their own lives. This Documentary is wonderful, and I love it because it helps real People.  For more information, and to support the Dreamcatcher Foundation go to . Watch on Showtime

Thursday, April 2, 2015

My Favorite Doc: All Aboard: Rosie's Family Cruise

A documentary on the maiden cruise of R Family Vacations, the travel company founded by Rosie and Kelli O Donnell, which specializes in gay family vacations. Setting  sail on July 11th 2004, the trip took 500 families from New York to the Bahamas. All Aboard is a HBO Documentary Film. Purchase on Amazon or Rent on Netflix

My Favorite Doc: Autism: The Musicial

Originating in Los Angeles, "Autism The Musical" is a 2007 documentary about the lives of five autistic kids who write and perform their own musical. The film also follows the parents of the five, and reveals the intense personal struggles of raising children with autism. The parents include well known figures like  Rosanne Katon- Walden, a former Playboy model, and Steven Stills of the band Crosby Stills and Nash . Watch on YouTube here

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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New Sabbath Video April 10th!!

I will have a New Sabbath Video on YouTube  April 10th. Topic: TBA.

My Favorite Doc: Dope Sick Love

When you're a junkie,  the money comes and goes - and so does the high. Do relationships stand a chance among addicts? Meet Matt & Tracey and Sebastian & Michelle - two NYC couples looking for love, and fixes, in all the wrong places. A startlingly candid  documentary, Dope Sick Love follows two drug-addicted couples as they eke out a bare-bones existence on the streets of NYC, desperately trying to score cash to pay for their fix. Watch on YouTube or here

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

My Favorite Documentary: Becoming Chaz

Becoming Chaz is about Chaz Bono's remarkable journey of transformation. As hormone shots give way to top surgery, down- to- earth, unflappable Chaz beams with a sense of liberation and goes public with his story to put a face on a misunderstood issue. Meanwhile, his girlfriend struggles with the realities of suddenly  living with a man, and its clear sex change isn't solely a physical  transition.  Chaz is the son of Cher and Sonny Bono. Watch on Amazon Instant Video.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My next Book Review is on May 4th on a book on Sons of Anarchy

NO Book Review in April, but I will back with a brand new Book Review May 4th. The Book is about SOA, and it's about everything that happen on the FX Network series Sons of Anarchy. The Book is called Sons Of Anarchy  The Official Collector's Edition by Tara Bennett. Buy online.

My Favorite Doc: Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief

Going Clear is one of My Favorite Docs because it's proven facts about the Church of Scientology.  This Documentary Premiered Sunday Night on HBO, and you  can still  find it on HBO. Filmmaker Alex Gibney  interviews former members of the Church of Scientology and reveals abuses and strange practices within the controversial organization. Based on the book by Lawrence Wright. LOVE THIS DOC!!! 

Monday, March 30, 2015

My Favorite Doc: A Family is a Family is a Family: A Rosie O Donnell Celebration:

What is a Family? Sometimes it's one Mom and Dad and their Kids. Or it might be Kids with a Mom or Dad. Or it could kids with more than one Mom or Dad. While the answers  varies,  all families share one vital ingredient: love. This documentary is a moving portrait of the remarkable diversity of families today  that challenges stereotypes, highlighting same-sex parents, mixed-heritage families, single parents, and stories of adoption. Children speak from the heart about parents, siblings, marriage and love in the exclusive documentary. Watch On HBO

Sunday, March 29, 2015

My Favorite Doc: 50 Children: The Rescue Mission of Mr. and Mrs. Kraus

In the spring of 1939, a Jewish lawyer and his wife left their comfortable and two children in Philadelphia and embarked on a bold and improvable plan to rescue fifty children from Nazi-controlled Vienna. Despite the oncoming horrors of the Holocaust, Gil and Eleanor Kraus bravely traveled into the Nazi empire in an effort to save innocent lives. Their unlikely mission would turn an ordinary American couple into extraordinary heroes. Their story has never been told  ... until now.
Watch on HBO or on YouTube.

My Favorite Doc: A Heartfelf Standup.

Rosie O Donnell takes the stage at Levity Live Comedy Club in West Nyack, NY to share hilarious insights about her life as a newly remarried wife and mother of five children, and to offer a deeply personal recounting of the heart attack that she survived over two years ago. Debuted on February 14th  2015.  Watch on HBO, HBO GO or HBO On Demand

Saturday, March 28, 2015

My Favorite Doc: Food, Inc.

Documentary Filmmaker Robert Kenner examines how mammoth corporations have taken over all aspects of the food chain in the United States, from the farms where our food is grown to the chain restaurants and supermarkets where it's sold. Narrated by author and activist Eric Schlosser, the film features interviews with average Americans about diets, commentary from food experts like Michael Pollan, and unsettling footage from inside large-scare animal processing plants. Watch on Amazon Instant Video or PIVOT    

Friday, March 27, 2015

My Favoritre Documentary: Park Avenue

Park Avenue is two different places in New York, One is where is the rich live and the other is where the poor live. 740 Park Avenue, Manhattan,  is one of the exclusive addressees in the world, home to some of the richest Americans in the world, the 1% of the 1%.  Ten minutes to the north, across the Harlem River, is the other Park Avenue in the South Bronx. Here unemployment runs at 19% and half the population needs food stamps. This Documentary discusses The Koch Bros, and other Greedy People who steal from the poor. Watch On YouTube.   The following is the link for the YouTube Channel. Enjoy!!

My Favorite Documentary: Grey Gardens

Grey Gardens is about Former Socialites Edith Bouvier Beale and her daughter  Little Edie, who are related to Jackie O and living in a ramshackle East Hampton Mansion. The Documentary was made  in 1976, and directed by Albert and David Mayles.    David died this year. Edith died in 1977. Little Edie died in 2002 I think. Watch on Amazon Instant Video or the TCM TV Network

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


T he Book Review for Multiple Personality Disorder by Colin A. Ross!!!                     3/24/15



This Book is from an Expert on MPD, and Colin Ross explains every aspect of MPD.  There was a time when People did not think MPD was real, it was even listed as a metal disorder.  This Book was published in 1989, so the book explains everything about MPD from the beginning of time to 1989. The Book is written in 3 parts, part one is written in two chapters.  Chapter one is about the history prior to and including Freud, this chapters explains how signs of MPD was shown in ancient Egypt. Chapter two is about   when Freud started writing about MPD to when the book was published. Freud was the first person to write about anything to do with MPD.  The Rest of the book explains how different people shown signs of MPD, how different medical specialists treated people with MPD, and Colin Ross shows where he got his info he discusses. 


This Book was written for other mental health experts, but I think it can help anyone who wants info  on MPD which now is called Dissolutive Identity Disorder. This book is a great book, and you can purchase online.    

Saturday, March 21, 2015

My Favorite Doc: Child of Rage

Beth was a victim of childhood sexual abuse when she was 19 months old. Her mother died when she was one year old and she and her brother Jonathan were left at the mercy of their evil father. Beth describes her father's abuse in matter of fact tones and displays a picture she drew with a crayon of her weeping as her dad touched her genitalia. her voice is as eerily calm and flat when talking about her own abuse as it is when discussing the abuse she inflicted. This Documentary originally aired on HBO   but here is the FREE video on YouTube.


My Monthly Sabbath Video for March is out now on YouTube!!!

Yesterday I taped and put out My Sabbath Video for March, I discussed The Book of Esther. Here is the link:

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Chris will have a book review out March 24th!!!

Chris will have a book review out March 24th, The Book is called  Multiple Personally Disorder by Dr. Colin Ross. It's all about the disorder!! You can buy the book online

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Last Time on The Rob Saul Show TONIGHT!!!!

The Rob Saul Show is on 10-MidnightEST  7-9pmPST.
I am co-hosting With Rob & Nikki. Guests are Comic  Devin Siebold, and the band Something New Call in! 609-829- 3420

Sunday, March 1, 2015

My Favorite Documentary: The Devotion Project Series!!!!

UDATED:  3/19/2015
 I will be sharing MY Favorite Documentaries with you all, and this is the first one.
The Devotion  Project is a six part series of short documentary portraits of LGBTQ couples and families. You can find the devotion project on YouTube. Each Film is under 10 minutes.  The Following is all the video titles  in order along with the links from YouTube.

Video One:  More Than Ever

Video Two: Say Only Yes

Vid 3: Listen From The Heart

Vid 4:  My Person

Vid 5:  Build Your Wings

Vid 6:  Foremost In My Mind

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I will be giving my last HOT TOPIC Segment on The Rob Saul Show TONIGHT 11pmEST!!!

due to stress, tonight I will be giving my last HOT TOPIC Segment ever on The Rob Saul Show TONIGHT at 11pmEST. I will be discussing the Oscar awards from Sunday. You can listen LIVE at   MY LAST SHOW EVER WILL BE NEXT TUESDAY MARCH 3RD!!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

This Month's Sabbath Video with Chris!!!

JUST RELEASEDl: Chris's New Book Review

Book Review for Drama is Her Middle School By Wendy Williams and Karen Hunter!!!          2/172015




This Book will make one hell of a movie one day. The story is about a radio DJ named Ritz Harper, who is a huge star on WHOT Radio in NYC.  Ritz has interviewed Mariah Carry, and countless others. Her ratings are beyond good. Ritz does her show telling the public about famous people having meltdowns, and what secrets they are hiding.    Ritz Harper is the fictional alter ego of Wendy Williams, and if you are fan of Wendy’s, you may know what parts of Ritz is Wendy. 


This Book will be hard to put down, and you will think about it all the time. This book is so good you will want to read it again.  This book is entertaining, funny, and real.   This Book is the first novel of the Ritz Harper Chronicles.  Look this book up online, and read from front to back.  

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

UPDATED Book Review: Hold Me In Contempt by Wendy Williams!!!

Updated on 2/11/15

This Book should be a Movie, and I hope it will be one day. Every Chapter is like a new scene, telling the story of a Lawyer with Secrets and Lies. This Book will be hard to put down, and you will think about it all the time. Kim Kind is smart, funny, and convicting. Buy this Book APAP!! Note to Wendy Williams: I really love this Book. If you love Wendy’s Talk Show, You will love this Book.   

My Book Review for Hold Me in Contempt by Wendy Williams!!!                               8/4/14


Authors Note:  I want to apologize for the delays of putting this out. I have been busy with projects in my public and personal life, and I want you all to know I promise not to keep u hanging for my work ever again.  When I am given deadlines for my work that means get it done by the first deadline not the 2nd. Enjoy this book review, and there will be another one this falls. Thank you  For Reading!!


I have loved watching Talk Show Host Wendy Williams for years, and when I heard she wrote this book I knew I had to read it. This Book is Wendy’s first romance novel, and also the first book I have read from her.  This Book is about a female lawyer named Kimberly Kind who falls in love with a bad guy named King, king is a handsome devil who sweeps Kim off her feet and makes her thing he is Mr. Right. Kim is surprised to learn he is not perfect after all, with a dark secret that turns Kim’s world and job upside down. This Book reminded me of every movie on the lifetime channel. I love this book so much!


I hear that Wendy will be putting out a sequel to this book, and yes I will be doing work on that too. I will also do a movie review on it if it becomes a movie.  That is how much I love this book. You can buy this book online or in a bookstore near you. If you love Romance Novels or just love Wendy as much I do, this book is for you.  Now I need to catch up on other books by Wendy Williams.


With Love


Christopher Michael Ward      

Monday, February 9, 2015

This Blog is ran by Robinson Ward New Media!!!

Christopher Michael Ward writes the Blog Posts, But Marc Robinson also Owns This Blog.

Doing a BRAND NEW Book Review Feb 17th!!

On February 17th 2015, I will have a BRAND NEW Book Review. This Book will be called Drama is Her Middle Name by Wendy Williams, and it’s about Wend’s Alter Ego Ritz Harper. This was Wendy’s First Novel that came out in 2006. This Book was the first in a novel about Ritz Harper. I will review the others sometime soon.  This Website is the OFFICAL website for this Book Review.

Updating a Book Review Feb 11th!!

On Wednesday February 11th 2015, I am updating a book review I did in August 2014 called Hold Me in Contempt by Wendy Williams. This is the only Romance Novel Wendy has done.   This will be the one and only update for this book. This Website is the OFFICAL website for this Book Review.  I hope you enjoy it!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My Book Review for Not Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham UPDATED on 1-27-2015!!

UPDATEED on 1/27/2015:  This will be the one and only updated book review for this book.   Lena discusses working in a baby store with her friends for nine months. Lena discusses her times in therapy, and how she bonded with the therapists.  Lena discusses her top 10 health concerns that has to do with mental disorders. Lena discusses so much, and does not shy away from sharing her opinions on her life. People were and are mad about stuff she shared, but I think she has a right to say it. As I said, I do not see her as a pedophile or anything negative.

 Lena discusses her regrets. And discusses a guide to run away from home for 9 year old girls, and 27 year old woman. Go buy this book!!!

 I am writing this review because people have asked me too. I am just going to give the facts first, and then my opinions. I hope you like it! If you have any questions about the book, it’s online and in bookstores. If you any questions about this review, please contact me on Twitter @ChrisMichaelW. I Hope you enjoy this review! Sit back with a snack or a cup of coffee and enjoy.


 I want to tell you about parts of the book that made headlines after the release.   In one headline, critics have accused Lena of sexually assaulting her sister.  In the book Lena wrote opening up her one year old sister’s vagina when she was seven, asking her mom see that her sister put pebbles in there.  Another section of the book that made headlines is when Lena said a guy named Barry raped her, a claim that Barry denies, and is suing Lena about it. After reading about both of these events in the book, I will now give you my opinions. I don’t see Lena Dunham as a pedophile for opening her sisters vagina, if she had not done that then asked her mom to come over to see it her sister may have been in pain later from the pebbles.  


As for the Barry Rape Claim, I see it being true but I was not there.  Lena discusses everything about her life in five sections, from love to sex to work and more. More stuff like virginity, dieting, bed sharing, girls & jerks, sex scenes, things she has learned from her parents, etc…  In fact, all of those things I have listed are chapters in the book. This book is funny, witty, and exactly what it claims to be. I am not making excuses for Lena in nothing I am saying with my views, if I honestly thought Lena was a pedophile I would say it. I am not shy when I can express my views, as long as there’s prove.  If you’re a Lena Dunham Fan, this book is for you. Not That Kind of Girl is published by Random House. Year of Published:  2014

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Updating a book review i did last december, this Tuesday!!

On Tuesday January 27th 2015, I am updating a book review   I did in December, called “ Not That Kind of Girl by Lena   Dunham. I am updating this book review because I have more to say on the subject, but this will be my one & only update on this book. This Website is the OFFICAL website for this Book Review.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Doing a Sabbath Video on Youtube Tomarrow Night!!!

Starting tomorrow night, I will do monthly Sabbath videos. Sabbath is  a rest day for Jewish People, and I will be resting with you. Sabbath is  Friday nights at sundown- Saturday nights at Sundown.  The Videos will be on my YouTube page here:

I will be back on The Rob Saul Show Tueday January 20th 2015

I will be on the 2nd hour 11pmEST  discussing Hot Topics like The National Championship, and The Golden Globes.  The Show will be on

Monday, January 5, 2015

On The Rob Saul Show with Nikki Brodecki Tomorrow Night!!!

Listen to me on The Rob Saul Show with Nikki Brodecki,  Tomorrow Night Tuesday 1/6/15. The Show starts at 10pmEST 7pmPST, and I am on at 11pmEST 8pmPST.  I have known Rob Saul for about 2 years, and I was on his old radio show The Rob & Trav Show a few times.

Here's a link for the show

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Thanks to all who read my blog posts, and feel free to leave me comments. If you're going out to watch the buckeyes Football  play the sugar bowl later at home or in person, stay calm, and be kind.