Wednesday, August 29, 2012

To my Ohio Voters:

We need to vote Barr-sheehan, not the two actors who are NOT for the people. Ok?
Get wise and wake up!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Put down your chicken and pork-get smart!

Vote barr-sheehan!

Welcome Roseanne voters!!

This page is for all of us.   Obama voters you can not fool us with your lies! You do not really want change and we Roseanne voters know this.  Romney voters, your going down.

Monday, August 27, 2012

I am going to take a break from booze!!!

Over the weekend i drank too much at my mother's 40th birthday party and was a asshole to my step-dad, fighting witth him.. I woke up sunday moning sick as a dog, and was unable to hold food down untill last night.  I was mixing drinks and being a pain in the ass!!!

I am done with booze for a long time, and just going to drink coffee at parties from now on.  

Sunday, August 26, 2012

i am going to marry my life-partner Marc Robinson!

when ohio passes the bill.  We have been together for 3 years, and we make each other laugh every day.

My new name will be Christopher Michael Ward Robinson.

UPDATE:  8-27-12

Ohio BANS gay Marriage, so i can not marry marc.  I am so fucking pissed off!!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Romney: Get out Akin!!!

I think romney said this, just to get a vote.

Bye Todd Akin

you need to leave now!  Your a damn fool, and no one like you. your sick and need help dude, and i hope you get it. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

The story of Dee Williams!!

The following link is from Roseanne World,  i am reader on there under my name Christopher Michael Ward. My heart goes out to Dee and her family.  Enjoy!

RIP Phyllis Diller!

Phyllis Diller was a comic, a va-genius, and a mother.  She loved gin, and had a laugh that made you laugh harder. I never got a chance to meet her,but i always wanted to drink with her. She will be missed, and my love for her will never die.  I will always remember watching her go out drinking with Roseanne Barr and Sandra Bernhard on the lifetime show Roseanne's Nuts. 


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Barr/Sheehan 2012

Vote Roseanne Barr as President, and Cindy Sheehan as VP. They can fix this Shit.

Was on KCAA radio today

on the 1st hour of The Roseanne and Johnny Show.   talked to co-host Johnny Argent about Roseanne Barr running for POTUS.  Here is the link:

Thursday, August 16, 2012

This blog will be also be about a lot of things!!

This blog will not just be based on a book i wrote for years, it willl also be about my thoughts and rants.  This blog will be about how i support the peace and freedom party, and not the two main parties with obama and romney.  This blog will be about everything, and i welcome comments too.

Happy Reading!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Obama and Romney think you can eat money, but you cannot.

Obama and Romney think you can eat money because they are best friends with the bankers. The bankers are their robots, they only move when the two guys pull their strings. The bankers are NOT human in any way; humans think for themselves, bankers have to be told what to do 24/7 365 days a year. Funny shit right?   People think Obama and Romney are right for the job because they are programmed to think that way, they cannot walk eat or sleep without watching or listening to Obama or Romney. Obama and Romney say they for the people, but really they are only for people who think and act just like them  THE TOP 1%.  You cannot eat money America!!!   The only people who really think you can money are the top 1% themselves, not the 99% working class, everyday citizens.

Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan as his VP; does it really surprise people that he chose another man, and not a woman?  Obama chose a man as his VP too, he should have chose Hillary Clinton.   Smart people already know that Mitt Romney is working to take away the rights of gays, and women.  They know he is not really for the people, and neither is Obama.       Can you see what the two men are doing behind the Curtin?   Can you see it is all just a act?  If you want world peace, you’re not going to get with these guys.  These guys are not on the side of the working class at all, they are greedy assholes who love to fuck with the American people. These guys want war over peace, and they will not stop until we are dead.  Wake up and smell the greed!!!

Love Christopher Michael Ward

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Growing Up The only Jewish Person in an All Catholic Family!!

 In Columbus Ohio, My mom and dad were never married, they were too young to do that. My dad is the only person my mom slept with; she was a virgin up until she met my dad. They met in high school.   My mom was sixteen, and my dad was one young older.     My dad worked part- time as a paper boy before going to school every day, and mom worked at a pizza hut, making pizzas.      My grandma did not know my mom was pregnant, until a family member told her,  after she found out she was upset, confronted my mother asking mom to see her belly.  My mom tried to stop her, so my grandma pushed her on to the bed, and lifted her shirt. She saw that  mom was 6 months pregnant.  My grandma did not want my mom knocked up , but there was no way in hell she was going to let mom give me away or have a abortion either.  So my grandma dealt with it.

     The night my mom’s water broke, her and her best friend Judy was walking home from my dad’s house. My mom felt something wet going down her leg, and asked Judy to feel her leg to see if   her water broke.    It sure the hell did!!  When they got home and told my grandma,  my grandma told mom to  go lay down and rest,   mom went to lie down, and Judy and her just talked.    A few hours later, my mom said I want to go to the hospital. So off they went.  Once they got there and mom got in a room, my mom made my grandma rub her back and belly over and over, because she was in so much pain.   After so long  my grandma got tired,  and said Becky; I am going to get a cup of coffee now.  It was while my grandma was getting her coffee, that I was ready to come into the world.  My aunt helped my mom push me out, and cut my cord. i think i came out ass first. LOL!  My grandma missed the whole thing over that damn cup of coffee.

I was born on July 7th 1988 at 7:10am.  I was born prematurely and so tiny that people held me with only one hand.   I could not hold down formula, baby food, or Brest milk. The doctors gave me 30 days to gain weight, or I was going to die.   So after staying in the hospital for a few weeks, my family took me home and fed me mashed up human food in a blender.  {My grandma cooked the meals.}  I held it down pretty good.  So I stated eating the food every day, and put on so much weight that family members called me butter ball, and told me I could be a football player if I kept the weight on. I was not that much of a fan of football, but my family made me do all of the hand signals.

A week after I put the weight on,  I went to a doctor’s check up. The entire hospital staff almost shit their pants when they saw that the tiny sick boy, was now a chubby healthy kid.   Everyone clapped and cheered, as I walked down the hall into the doctor’s office. The one thing I wish I could remember now, is what my doctor’s name was. Ah fuck it!     

    My grandma and my mother are life-savers! Neither one of them ever gave up on me, and for that I will be forever grateful.  Go ahead grab a tissue!

I never had a lot of Neighborhood friends growing up, but I had a few.   I do not remember all their names, but I remember lots of faces. Some phoney, and some real.    I even remember my first kiss, it was with this girl named Maria.   She was pretty with blond hair, and very thin.  She lived next door to my grandma; and we hung out every day. I do not remember the kiss that much.  After my grandma moved from her home, we lost touch. We have not seen each other in over 10 years, but I do not think she remembers me anyway.

      My only best friends were my older cousin Brittney, and God.   Brittney and I grew up like brother and sister.  We are one year apart, her being the oldest.  We would play hide and seek in the park and other stuff we enjoyed doing.   Brittany always had more friends than me, but I think her friends liked me too.  That or they were just good actors!  Who knows or cares anymore?

  Britney always bossed me around, and I hated it. She would pitch me and tell me to do things that were just dumb shit.  But later after we became pre teens, we both bullied our younger cousins, so I guess it runs in our family. LOL!  They say people bully people to toughed them up and maybe that is why Britney bullied me, and we bulled our cousins. To make sure we were all tough basterds!   Who is to say really? No, just kidding.  I cannot speak for Brittany, But I know for me  I  was  miserable, and unhappy with my life at that time, so that is why i was bossy.     After years of having a bond with Brittany, we drifted apart, when she started dating her boyfriend , who I always thought looked, and acted like a thug. I was right of course.

 They are no longer together, but have 3 kids who I love very much, who I hope  grow up to be smart just like me.   Britney and I still do not have a bond, for reasons I am not ready to discuss in public, but we get along most of the time.  I hope one day she and I will become close again, but I do not think it will be anytime soon.

I have always talked to god.  I am not sure when it started, I just know god has always talked to me in my mind.  Family members never understood this, and thought I was crazy when they saw me talking to myself alone in a room or wherever I was.   They would ask who in the hell are u talking to? You look nuts, doing that.  My answers always were just talking to myself, because I knew they would not understand my connection with god.  God has helped me with a lot, and god and I are still close. Now the thing that most people do not understand is that to me god is a women.  Why do I think god is a women? Well because when I talk to god, my inner female gets stronger, and I see things from a female point of view.   Everyone has a right to have an opinion, and this is mine.

  Although I was baptized catholic by my family as a baby, as a kid I always felt like I did not fit in,  a black sheep!!   And I did not think what they taught was right, and I was never going to call myself that word.  There is a lot of shit I do not agree with them on, but there is a few things as well.    Same with the Jewish faith.   I know I have always been Jewish I do not know how really, I just know.  I think god knew I was Jewish, how else do you explain my big nose? LOL! No, just kidding.   And I never liked how the Catholic Church would say gay people were living in sin and would burn in hell if they ever had sex together, like they did when I grew up.  I would think blah, blah, blah, shut the fuck up!  A lot of them still do it today, but now I think it is because the catholic priest are having sex with altar boys, and then hiding.

     I had lesbians in my family before I came out myself, and those comments by the church pissed me off, so bad that it made me not want to be around them or their kind of people.  I never felt safe around priests, I was always afraid they would rape me or do bad things to me because of how they acted, and now those kinds of stories about priests who rape and do bad things with their wieners  are everywhere, so I  guess I always knew. But they never touched me , so I guess I was just paranoid.  I am by no means saying all Catholic priests are bad people or that the Catholic Church itself is bad for that matter. No! What  I am  saying is I grew up thinking that the priests I was around, was going to make me have butt sex with them, and that scared me like hell. Butt  I was wrong, and I admit that now.

  I am also part Irish, hillbilly, and Italian.  My grandma on my mom’s side makes some yummy Italian food. When i used to eat beef, her meatballs were killer.    You know I don’t remember going to church every week   like a lot kids do, I just remember   having fun talking with God and hanging out with cousin Brittany.


I ran away from home twice. The first time I was at my grandparent’s and father’s house. My father and I were in his room watching TV, and everyone else was sleeping. My dad was asleep but I was still awake like I always was, and bored like hell.   I wanted my mom to come take me home, who was working and was going to come get me after she got off her 3rd shift job.  So I walked from the bedroom into the living room unlocked the front door and walked out of the house, and down the block.  Once I got down by the street curb, cars were driving by. I did not know what to do next. Then a nurse stopped her car on the side of the road, got out and ran towards me. After she asked me where I lived and where I was going, the nurse called the police to tell them that she found some kid walking the streets in the middle of the night trying to get to his mother.  The cops came, and drove me to my mom’s work. After my mom saw me and the cop standing there,she was scared to death I was out on the street by myself.  My mom was mad at my dad and my dad was mad at me, but i did not care one bit.   Yes, I always enjoyed causing trouble as a child, and i still do.  The second time I ran away from home I was older then I was the first time.  I was with My Family at my uncle, s house, they were playing poker and I was outside playing by myself because my cousins were not there to play with me. So i was there alone, talking to god.  Well I got board and had some change in my pocket, so I decided I was going to walk to the store which was 4 blocks away from the house. So I walk out of the backyard into the back alley, then I get into to the main streets and walk down the sidewalk by the busy road where there were restaurants and corner stores around.  Nobody stopped and asked me what I was doing or where I was headed?  They just went on their way like a little kid was not walking down the street without supervision. I see a blockbuster video store close by and i walk inside.  I get my candy and movie, and head to the cashiers desk to pay for my things.   I walk up to the counter, and they ring up my candy and movie up, then ask for my money to pay for it all.   I give them the change I had in my pocket.  Now I did not have enough for the movie or candy so they asked me where my parents were, and told me to put back my things. Well after I told them everything, they called the police to get me out of the store. The police came,and the employees  gave me back the change. The cops  drove me back to my uncle’s house unhandcuffed,and when we got there everyone was looking for me on the front porch. Now what i  did not know at the time, was that the police knew I ran away from home before they were called by the store, because my family called them after they found out I was no longer in the backyard. When the police drove me back, my grandma was on her knees in the driveway, crying and praying.  Everyone in my family gave me the riot act, and the police said I was lucky no one kidnapped me. Needless to say that was the last time I ever ran away from home.
   But one time I was left at a park,where I was at with my family.  we were at a party of some sort and they got caught up packing up to leave, and left me.  So independently I found some church folk and got baptized Christian. . LOL! Funny shit, right?  But I will always be Jewish, no matter what.  I never got to celebrate Hanukkah or Passover growing up because of the lies I was fed about Jewish people by my own family. My familytold me that  jews did not talk to god like the catholics did, but i knew better.

I was always Looney, and crazy as a child.  When I was about 5 years old I got stuck in a toilet, and someone had to cut the pot in half so I could get off of it. Another time, I drank rubbing alcohol that I found in my grandparents medicine cabinet once, and  after someone called 911, I had to get my stomach pumped.I hated that! Brittany and I used to fight all the time when we were growing up,  But that is normal in a dysfunctional family like mine.