Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Introduction To Blog!!

This blog is called I am a thinker, because I am a true thinker, and always will be.  You don’t see a lot of thinkers in the public eye anymore, the only ones who make money are lying, cheating, shitty dogs who tell you what they are programmed to tell you. Being a thinker means you do not fall for the bullshit TV Networks and Radio ads tell you, you see what they are really saying, and you speak out about it 24/7.   Being a thinker means you fight for what is right, and you never stop fighting until the wall of BS is brought down.  Being a thinker brings a lot of stress, but as long you know you’re doing the right thing, and helping the people, then it is worth the stress.  We all have to fight for what is right, and not let idiots keep us down.

  This blog was originally a book that took over 3 years to write, but someone told me that I should blog the book for now,  so here we go!  This also took lots of meditating to get everything straight too.   Writing the book was like life flashing before my eyes, it makes you dig deep.  It was not easy to write a blog, but it sure the hell was fun. Fun to look back on the fun times you have had, and there was a lot, let me tell you.  But with the good you must take bad, so I also remember all the shit people put me though, and vise versa.  The book was inspired by the book Roseannearchy, dispatches from the nut farm by Roseanne Barr. After reading that book, I realized I too had my own story to tell the world, and hopefully save the world too.   

 I just hope people will love this blog, because I am honest about everything I have done, or said, and honest about the mistakes I have made.   I do not lie to make myself look good like Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. I do not fling mud at people who call me out. No! Instead I admit my wrong doing, and start over.  What you see is what you get!  I also know people will love this blog, because I am a part of them, the working class.  This is a story of a working class person, and I was not born with money in my pocket, or a gold spoon in my mouth. I was raised that you have to work hard for money,  no one is just going to give to you.   You cannot eat money!  I do speak my mind, and I also pay the price for doing it, but it is worth it. It is worth having my soul and telling the truth.  I will not stop doing it, and no one can make me! My soul is not for sale!!

I have always been a writer. When I was a young kid I wrote plays and TV shows, that I would act out for my family. Sometimes I would also write parts for them to play too; it was so much fun to see them act crazy and funny.  My family always told me I was going to make them money one day, make them money? Really? About make me money? I am the one doing the hard work. They should have said one day you’re going to make us money, but they were kind of selfish, I think.   I  had tons of notepads, notebooks, tablets, you name it.  I have a shit load of rants from my childhood in a box somewhere, and if I ever find them I will share them with you.  I enjoy writing so much, it is calming, and helps me remember things too, because my memory is gone sometimes.  This is my gift to you my dear readers. I hope you find this blog as fun as my life is.   Get a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and enjoy.

Shabbat Shalom

Christopher Michael Ward